Brazilian Literature Romance

Jose de Alencar (1829-18770) schematized its workmanships as: social or urban, regionalistic, historical and indianista romance. In this romancepor we studied Alencar disclose its talent in observing the life human being, studying the feminine figures, being distinguished also for having introduced umestilo and a proper fisionomia in Brazilian Literature. The workmanship is written in the letter form a cousin of the author, D, telling its love for a young one called Carlota that is only disclosed nosltimos chapters of the romance. History is initiated in Rio De Janeiro, when narradorperde the bus for a delay of five minutes being obliged to wait the next one. When entering in the bus it sits down it the side of a woman who never would imagine to seapaixonar; but it uses a veil, it she fears that she is ugly and its imagination is sharpened. However, the narrator does not obtain to forget it e, searchs forms to discover who a loved. After some failures in meeting, finally the conhecea narrator woman and declares itself; it discloses for letter that observed already it in the balls, it loved has it times, but they could not be together, therefore it had an incurable illness, but after as much misfortune, Carlota as she was called, to the side of mortepede a kiss and in the accurate instant where if they kiss, for miracle, the young woman sereanima and lives. In this boarding of Five Minutes we are valid in them contribuiode Salvatore D' Onofrio (1995), Anglica Soares (2005), Cndida VilaresGancho (2002), Gnard Genette (s/d), Roland Barthes (1966); with the danarrativa study they had been essential for our understanding and construction of nossoartigo in based way. We will divide this article in two sections: in the primeiraintitulada one, the NARRATOR IN the ARTICULATION PROCESS NARRATIVE, we will analyze aobra leaving of the estimated one of what cadaterico it affirms to be for after that, withholding in them to the studied corpus; in the segundaintitulada one, ARTICULATION ROMNTICADONARRATRIO AND ITS NUANCES IN the ABOVE-MENTIONED WORKMANSHIP, in which we will inside study the donarratrio position of the analyzed romance.