Business Administration

He who does not look forward, backward falls. Sufi Proverb The dynamics of globalization is too proactive, increasing its impact on economic scenarios, trade is very significant, where as it can provide opportunities to venture into them, can also be a threat, it all depends on how the company, Our interest has been prepared for it. The professional management, specifically the senior manager in this analysis requires to be closely identified with the causes that generate impact of globalization, to make way for all actions, plans needed to cope in such a way that benefits the company under its responsibility. Unfortunately many companies, especially SMEs that could not cope with the tremendous opportunities arising from globalization, consequence of not having prepared a manager, visionary, and a lack of technology and untrained human resources, adapted to the demands of modern technology, functions to be play in favor of bringing their skills and abilities that benefit the productivity and business involvement in Globalization. Further details can be found at Technology author, an internet resource. Globalization: meaning, the integration of all economies through the process by which large companies holding the world market as a benchmark for moving their factories, money and goods to those areas where they are more profitable investment of capital, ie, where it is cheaper labor, which pay lower taxes, where regulations are more lax, in short, where fewer barriers to trade. There is agreement that the core technology and economic globalization is, covering the areas of finance, trade, production, services and information. (Globalization operates on the basis of distinct markets, which make use of new technologies can quickly adapt products to consumer profiles) Globalisation is convinced that any attempt to decouple this process is doomed to failure. .