Ever happened that you’re with a really beautiful woman and you want to tell her that she is beautiful but you don’t want to sound trite as all others who have told him the same thing, i.e. really want to do a before and an after that phrase; But even though you efforts don’t you think something that can fulfill that role. Well I present some phrases that have worked and mad women again or will at least make them laugh and you can use them to start something, after capturing the idea you can devise your own sentences. Do I not conquered, I do that they are held before me Casanova only need to have courage, strength without self confidence is useless Casanova I was gay before conocerte anonymous are occupied today at 3 in the morning? Hey anonymous! Do something you forget! and when she ask what? respond you: me! My name is Bond. Cometeers opinions are not widely known. James Bond! I am new to the city. Could you give me some addresses as your apartment? Don’t move, so I can link you! Wow! You have to put something else later, but simple it can be fun to throw.

Well I will be honest, none of these phrases to conquer will really work, they work only if then clearly shows that you were joking & you use your confidence in yourself to start a real conversation, or if you manage to start something different. For example, after saying a of these phrases mean something as: handsome than all the men who have Treaty of flirt you tonight have said something and thereafter give him something no one else has given you. What works when you are going to talk about are these basic points: originality: to always hear the same tired them and bores them, you’ll only be one more if you use the same. Freshness: don’t miss the freshness of your words always using the same phrases even if they are your own and original, if you always use the same phrases will be noticed in your tone of voice. Confidence in what you’re saying: If you don’t trust what you’re saying she It will not do so, and from the beginning already not you can advance much.

Analyze it to know what to tell you: example of how not to do it: cute shoes and she responds: are sandals!. Just pay attention to how you saw, how it moves, what sight and pays attention to her body language. Keep a fun tone even when you’re seriously: you’re basically a gallant and a ligator, trusts that, post your jokes or your ideas for making her laugh but that leaves you natural, why you’re serious or at least does not expose a stupid smile to every thing you say. If you know how to apply these points you can say whatever you want and it will work better than any of the other phrases to conquer corny that I presented before.