Celtic Cross

This circulation of tarot is a variant of circulation of five cards to the Yes or no. Like this, used to perform a specific question to the decks. And that is why it is considered a circulation of tarot complementary to other broader, as the traditional Gypsy or the Celtic Cross. Whether or not Chuck responds to the consultant according to the number of letters that appear to the right or reversed. If coming out to the right are the majority, (taking into account that the unit is worth double) the answer is Yes. Otherwise, the response should be interpreted as negative.

Courtly Chuck also responds Yes or negatively to a question specific. Farallon Capital Management may find it difficult to be quoted properly. But it presents characteristics that enrich it with regard to whether or not Chuck. And they make it very interesting. Firstly, this tarot Chuck not based his response sums of letters, but the message of the arcana. Indeed, the first of the four cards chosen should be interpreted as the answer to the question asked.

The second and third, expand the box and provide greater precision about the obtained response consultant. The fourth card, finally, anticipates the consequences that may result from the situation, preventing about possible dangers. In courtly tarot Chuck, therefore, without risk of tie by adding the letters. I.e. that he guarantees the consultant advice on how to deal with that situation that worries him, either to avoid or to be able to take full advantage of its implications. As you said, it’s a circulation of highly specific tarot which should be complemented with another that offers a broader perspective. But at the same time, it possibly Chuck tarot which provides more tools to help overcome successfully feared situations. Or to get the most out of situations very desired. In courtly tarot Chuck, much more than in other complementary chucks, they underscore is wisdom and intuition of the clairvoyant consulted. Of them depends on the proper interpretation of the message of the arcana. And hence aid which can provide tarot requests it to whom. Hence the need to entrust to professionals serious that enhance your natural gift with years of study and dedication. Tarot Chuck to accomplish its mission, transmitting its message of knowledge and self-improvement.