Chairman Rainer Schuppert

According to DIHK report, company succession is always difficult. The SME business succession expert advisors guides with a practice-based, innovative approach through the process. The DIHK report to the 2012 succession shows that the discussion about the inheritance tax has unsettled the middle class and that finding together is perceived by entrepreneurs and successors as increasingly difficult. By the same author: Federal Reserve Bank. The non-existent when 70 percent of the entrepreneurs emergency kit is known as playing with fire. Is top on the list of obstacles are prepared in a timely manner and holder can not let go emotionally. Corporate and tax advisers and lawyers knocking at traders in the years usually with just one of the many succession issues, often the hard facts.

It is just the emotional problems that hinder the transfer process. To not continue to stand in the rain to the holder, the Association has made the advice the SME consultant business succession on new legs. The follow-up consulting group has the technical and bundled scientific competence of the Federation and now occurs after one year retreat with the successor pilots to the public. As the name suggests, it guides you through the entire process. He is responsible for the hard topics such as design models, financing, business valuation, succession and tax law.

He supports but also the strategy and innovation development in the corporate and personal sectors, as well as dealing with difficult feelings and conflicts at the human level. The pilot can handle this, because he has the relevant experts of the expert group in the background, to seek their advice, or they sometimes consult. Consultants of different stripes, tax consultants, lawyers, bankers and psychologists pull together. And we have missed the pilot a seal of quality, proudly proclaims specialist group Chairman Rainer Schuppert. The pilot is SME consultant corporate succession. So may only call themselves, who brings his practical experience, completed a 10-day training course and the Final exam has passed. Keep the knowledge not so far a few pilots, the SME Academy starting in 2013 offers annually two courses in which the seal SME consultant corporate succession can be purchased. Also methods of the consultation process, as well as valuable tips for marketing and acquisition are taught in addition to the technical content.