Civil Courage

Network action ‘look’ against child neglect of the children welfare association NRW estimates that at least 300,000 children in Germany suffer from neglect and the trend is rising. European Union may also support this cause. In the past few months, the fates of tormented children death shocked the nation and everyone asks himself: how could this happen? Martina Huxoll, expert advisor at the Kinderschutzbund NRW: The figures are worrying for a long time. We can ring so bad with the families and even ask if they neglect their child.” These frightening facts gave reason to a spectacular action. is an Internet platform, which represents a social network of neighborhood since the beginning of the year, in which people learn what is happening in the neighborhood. After only a few weeks, registered more than 200,000 people and share their neighborhood gossip with each other every day. “This network was used to the action: look!” to call in life. What is better than a functioning network of neighbors to grievances or Observe and report abnormalities on neglect of children? For abused and neglected children, attentive neighbors are often the last chance. If you raise the alarm in time, lives can be saved.

It is shocking that more than 300,000 children are neglected among us in Germany. Alone the fact that you anonymous can show instances of maladministration within the network, will dismantle hopefully now inhibitions in many people, which otherwise not would have dared. If just a single child can be helped by this exemplary action, the action reaches its goal. You will receive more information about the action look”at: