Community Power

* What is the power released by town, or your line of houses. For example if your cottage partnership 60 houses and electricity are allocated to the rate of 5 kW per house to install the boiler with a capacity of 30 kW in trouble with the neighbors you provided. * What is the power highlighted on your home? In the modern suburban partnerships, if the electricity is connected at the rate of say 10kW at home, often in the house put the gun at 10-12kW, which would avoid a showdown between neighbors. And his unauthorized change, cause serious troubles. For example, in case of fire you can blame the fact that it happened is your fault. * Check the condition of the transformer installed in the village may have to pull some wire for connecting electric boilers. * What are powerful appliances installed at the neighbors, and hit if their total power in that which is reserved for them at home. * Assume all is well How to install an electric boiler, and set convectors. What's more profitable elektorokotel or heaters? Dispute, it is cheaper electric boiler or heaters, this dispute is a series of "it's easier to kilogram or kilogram cast down, as electricity consumption for heating 1 cubic meter oema of electric boilers and heaters is the same, this can be verified by visiting the website of any company that offers boilers and convectors, and hence the amount of electricity bills will be similar. We want to draw your attention to the fact that the Internet and many forums are now attending mass advertising and promotion of heaters.