Corporate Events

Business events regarding business events, many times activities both such as social finds focus in a unique and different place. For the realization of the same event rooms with capacity for up to 800 people, surrounded by extensive green, optimal areas for creative activities is available. Many of these sites also have a department specializing in events that offer to its affiliates or to visitors a full menu according to the needs that have for their trainings, workshops on training, recreational days, family and corporate celebrations, etc. You cannot separate Hall of the choice of the persons involved depending on the magnitude of the event and the theme will be developed; There are places with services or interesting as the Lake kiosk options – where the site has this mode – or the TV room to make the best events there. These rooms include tables with tablecloth and chairs, video beam, flipchart, beverage station (water, coffee and aromatic). In addition, you can enjoy food and beverages services: breakfasts, lunches, snacks, fast food and appetizers and desserts. And for other special events offers the service of directed recreation, decoration, floral arrangements, Mini-tk, animator, integrated sound, big pot and renting small boat and passport for the slide double (if there is an aquatic environment). Striking is the number of companies specializing in the installation and design of business and social events with places inside and outside the city.

In terms of social circle, schedules include baptisms, first communion, 15, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, holiday dinners family, children’s parties. Speaking already of the business circle, we can name specific activities such as breakfast and lunch, seminars, congresses, end of year, cocktails, organization of activities within the company, promotion of shopping centers and entertainment for large parties surfaces. There are also rental of tents, flooring, tents, tableware, linens, sound and silleteria. There are public park where you can make business events, and sometimes constitute the ideal place to carry out corporate events. These sites provide their employees and their families an unforgettable day of integration, rest and fun with unparalleled rates. The parks are ideal for events for their employees and their families as: day of the family, children, careers of observation, bazaars, etc. Reference: Source: press release sent by andgomez.