Corporate Idendity

What is actually a good Web design? Good Web design offers not only of pretty colors and flashing or bouncing buttons, but is a combination of many components. A good and reputable Web designer has always, among other things, following clues, is to meet it: is there an existing CI (corporate idendity uniqueness in the visualized such as colors, shapes, logos and much more) and extent to which must be taken into consideration are recognition of the objective of the Web site (information, branding, purchase or interest intent) implementation of customer requirements in functionality and of course the look implementation of maximum usability (usability and applicability for all users that should be on the Web page), easy to use easy to understand easy to use understanding and apply the color theory-see we us a couple of examples, what makes good Web design, on. CI Corporate Idendity under the term CI refers to the optical appearance a company or organization. Most companies have clear lines for various products or the entire appearance, therefore it is especially important that it needs a new website or a newly created website, that consideration. A company like BP (British Petroleum) is it not appreciate probably more if a newly created company website in dark blue and Red will be kept, because this is not the CI of the company. Color theory color theory is a private, very complex area. But just when the color theory, you can, provided you understand it, very well put and rather generate confidence and intent to purchase the customer by psychological means.

With confidence-building colours customers can selectively derive and be directed to the desired outcome or goal (subscription order, purchase and request). Just the harmony in this area should be given special attention, since they, assuming correct use, longer Indwell the user on the Web pages is almost guaranteed. Often underestimated part is regional reference of a company with his hometown. There is almost nothing more important than to be found in his town, with its products or its services. The Internet is in the fast changing of times.

Smartphones, Tablet PC’s and laptops are gaining ground. It is estimated that approximately 25% of all Internet users with a mobile device browsing alone in Germany, after all, over 15 million users, in Germany. A number not to be underestimated. Precisely one should also think, quite soon, to offer mobile Web pages to its users or to engage even with a good app development. An optimization of the Web site for mobile devices has become a cornerstone for a comprehensive range of his target audience and should be borne in mind.