Corporation MGA Entertainment

Dolls have always been best girlfriends girls. Because they are so similar to a living person. And if you like a doll or your actual classmates, then play with her much more interesting. To know more about this subject visit Nicholas Carr. For this reason, were created by mischievous Bratz dolls Corporation MGA Entertainment. These dolls are today's teenage girls are growing rapidly want to quickly become adults and all learn. The main consumers of dolls Bratz girls are between the ages of seven to thirteen. "It's cool" – is the answer that most likely you will hear, if you decide to appeal to girls requesting a response Bratz baby very shortly.

And in truth, these dolls are very funny, original and unusual. They are completely made of vinyl, soft body and head more solid. Bratz babies characterizes a disproportionately large head and showy appearance. Almond-shaped eyes on the shadows, plump lips are underlined bright lipstick. Hair long, approximately to the waist, short body, hands and legs are long and slender.

Braz doll is watching fashion, usually because her life is on entertainment, excursions, get-togethers, parties and travel. And for all of this, as you may guess, you need a very extensive wardrobe. Online there are also clothes for dolls Bratz cosmetics and Bratz, which can be purchased separately. Besides an impressive number of trendy costumes, puppets have a Brats equally numerous collection of shoes for every occasion – winter boots, comfortable shoes, elegant high heels, sandals and summer like. And for those fashionistas have released numerous accessories – jewelry, cosmetics, hats, bags, trinkets. Bratz fashionable for the first time appeared in 2001. The first four of the most famous doll named Jade (Jade), Sasha, Yasmin (Yasmin), Chloe (Cloe). Soon they began to appear girlfriend Dana, neuritis, Fiona, Megan, Kiana, Kate, Kumi, Felicia, Tiana, as well as boys Coby, Cameron, Zack, Alex. In our time, the Bratz dolls is a brand. The shops there a lot of goods with their image. With the participation of dolls and Braz Witch produced a considerable number of blockbuster films and cartoons. Under the brand Bratz in a special studio producing music albums. Not to mention the various collections of clothing and footwear, plus accessories and related to themselves dolls pieces of furniture, cars and lots of pets. The Internet site can be found on the Bratz. Modern girls who do not want to be princesses, but try to live with the times, prefer to buy dolls Bartz, so how these dolls are role models. The best Bratz! And this class!