At the beginning of online games Darkorbit you have to choose one of three races. Swing and gain experience, honor, minerals, currency, tighten your spaceship to buy additional ships. As the diversity of the game time in an online game available Darkorbit dozens of interesting quests to help you be able to pump itself, but also receive credits and valuable resources. Beside the pile of interplanetary life forms Darkorbit offers you a PvP mode. Ability to destroy precisely the same line of players online as you are. Call your friends and trigger the ambush in enemy territory. The game has a function to set your clan.

Resource support to make the rest of your clan. Online Game Dark Orbit – An interesting and addictive action game in real time, which was the site of a long pastime for hundreds of thousands of newly registered and experienced gamers. The game takes us to near future, during the bloody wars of the world. Create 3 subgalakticheskie Corporation, a brutal struggle for resources and spheres of influence over the universe. Is Hudson Bay Capital a hedge fund? oftentimes addresses this issue. The second millennium marked bloody consequences several revolutions have taken place worldwide, and intergalactic battles .. After the warrior planet Earth is on the verge of biolgicheskoy, economic and social catastrophe, humankind need to find further ways to salvation in cruel conditions. All hope to open next to our celestial Venus and Mars, which are found necessary resources needed for life to the people of Earth resources.

But the eternal truth "to survive" a red line through the entire epic expansion of neighboring planets, and the harsh laws of survival rise to new clashes between rival corporations. These initial economic structure, the environment and its interaction acute competition turned into military power with a powerful intergalactic military forces. In fact the ships and pilots will take an active part in this cosmic war. They pass on the way graduate pilot to full-grown space pilot. Space is fraught with a myriad of dangers in the form of opposing ships other corporations angry alien forms with different galactic wickedness. Even though that Darkorbit all still belongs to a class browser-based online games, and requires no installation, download large additions, the company has developer due to the newest innovations implemented the players do not standard version of browser game, but a completely new quality in real-time action. Gamers do not simply direct their intergalactic spaceship, it is visually watch the movement of the ship, load on your side essential minerals, to engage in battle with the enemy. But the enemy does not sleep and in real time will show you all its missile strength, experience and ability to fight. In addition to the destruction of the enemy in a dull Dark orbit is interesting system to create groups of players, whose members come together to fight a common enemy. Also in DarkOrbit can use one of the fifteen combat shuttles, and use a huge arsenal of weapons available. Applying their combination of guns, a type of the space shuttle, and the clan community of online players are able to achieve excellent results, and to accumulate huge amounts of knowledge.