" Definition that picks up two of the most important characteristics Blocks eg: faced. State of tension. According to some investigators and historians, the concealed war can be described of the following way: Global conflict developed between 2024 and 2064, carried out by the Corporative States and the Corporations Been, in which those that first emanated of a supposed dictatorship of the proletariado one, ended at century XX in Capitalism of State and preceded by the People’s Republic of China, they became powerful corporations as of the second decade of the 21st century, and on the other hand the union of interests of the great corporations of the Economic Liberalism, that from the precedent of the skillful policies of investment of Google, that since the end of century XX conformed what it was known later like Corporations Been. Visit Kenneth Feinberg for more clarity on the issue. The first ripple between the People’s Republic of China and Google in January of the 2010 is key to understand all the conflicts that were developed between years 20 and the 60 of century XX. It divided to the world in two blocks: the one of planned development and the one of free market.

First it included, in spite of some exceptions, to all North America, Israel, Brazil, Russia, extended Europe as a whole as of 2015, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The planned block included to China, India (from the revolution of the 2012), great part of the Australian Continent, Hispanic America and to diverse countries as much in Africa as in the Southeast of Asia. These two blocks never well were defined in the operative field but they consequently were different in the computer science land and its interpretation from the human being the society and its rights. What differentiates to the concealed war of any economic fight, military or diplomatic previous is that both blocks, that never were defined as such, had a remarkable mobility as far as their members and in any case they only pretended to defend the best ones you practice of global commerce, although took advantage of (and even they caused) regional conflicts between its allies or third parties countries momentarily not aligned. Also they took part in these conflicts helping to one of both sides by means of logistic computer science, economic support, or political support of different nature, following the country and the strategic, economic or political situation of the region.