Diagnosis The history can be very suggestive, stand out all data on the febrile syndromes after return from a trip. Differential diagnosis should be made with malaria, bacterial enteritis, acute HIV infection, amebiasis, rickettsiosis and leptospirosis. Definitive diagnosis is given by the positive cultures. In 90 percent would be positive during the first week, while only 50 percent and it will be during the second week. According to Miami Congresswoman, who has experience with these questions. Keep in mind the absence of antibiotics administered before the seizure for cultivation, for lower performance. Stool cultures will test positive even during the third week. The gold standard is the bone marrow culture. In laboratory tests leukopenia and neutropenia may be seen in 10-15 percent of cases and a slight elevation of AST, ALT and ALP (transaminases).

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