No matter that diet from the thousands that exist this following you or intend to start. The following will be presented some basic healthy eating guidelines that may be helpful in achieving the goal of losing those extra pounds. Make sure you burn those calories over the end of the week if you feel that it has consumed more calories that should be during the week, make sure that you remove these extra calories at the end of the week. Stay away from fried foods avoid many more fried things, less weight gain. Fried foods are cooked with too much oil or fat.

Much better to boil food or cook them grilled or steamed. Do not skip meals the worst thing you can do if you want to lose weight is to skip meals. This produces the opposite to the desired effect. You need to do at least four meals a day. Nothing more than an egg a day in excess eggs are inadvisable. It would be best to reduce your egg consumption to three a week. Chocolate consumption should be an exception and not a routine the chocolate should not be part of your diet. So not better not abuse him.

Even the bitter chocolates aren’t good for you because although they have less sugar, they still have too much milk. Choose a variety of foods from all the food groups every day this is a good way to keep at Bay the diseases caused by deficiencies in nutrition. We must change the foods included in the daily diet to prevent possible nutritional deficiencies and this will also help us to test a variety of new dishes and to us not aburramos diet. No to alcoholic beverages alcoholic beverages aren’t good for you. Beer and other alcoholic beverages contain empty calories our bodies end up becoming fat. Choose white meat rather than red white meat, including fish and poultry, it is infinitely better than the meat red (like for example the pig) for those who try to lose weight. Pork is not something that can help you lose weight. So the less pig eat better. And remember that pork products including bacon, ham and sausages. Limit your intake of sugar use to sweeten sugar substitutes. These are just as sweeteners, but certainly not fattening. Do 5 to 6 meals a day do 5 to 6 meals a day instead of only 3. But 5 or 6 small meals instead of 3 meals in size XL. It is an excellent way of eating less food.