Dry Mixes

Dry mixes were developed more than 40 years ago. First mixture were ordinary cement-sand mixture, which were used for laying bricks, stones and plaster. Naturally, they were rather limited in properties. To date, production of dry mixtures has leaped forward. Mixtures have a whole set of properties, including high frost resistance, water resistance, adhesion, flexibility, workability and others.

Dry mixes – a powdered composition, which are close enough to the traditional solutions of the composition. They are based on three main components. This is a filler (usually sand or vermiculite), binding (Astringent), part – cement, gypsum or lime, and various chemical additives. Additives provide the necessary additional properties of the mixture: adjust the speed setting and hardening, and provide the necessary physical and mechanical properties of the solution after solidification. To date, there are a huge number of different modifiers. Their number in the mixture can reach ten or more, however, their overall volume is about 1%. Thus, the dry mortar composition is manufactured under extremely precise dosage according to the recipe.

Fulfill the above requirements can only be in the factory. All these elements are mixed in a certain recipe for a specific application. The main difference from traditional solutions – lack of water. Scope of the dry mix is wide, from exterior to interior Finish: – plastering walls and ceilings – a device and leveling floors – various tiling work – heat and waterproofing work – plastering work – masonry work Due to the high precision in the formulation and production of: – significantly less material (you can do a solution in need) – increased productivity – ensuring high stability of the properties of materials – dry mixture can stored for more than six months and be transported without loss of quality. Thus, the dry mix in all respects superior to solutions which are produced according to traditional methods. Due to high competition among manufacturers of dry mortar price for these materials are affordable.