DSB Protection

The Commissioner focuses also on this point if he’s looking for a suitable software. We now come to the main point of the documentation of the process: the flow of data – who gets what data from the data set (receiver) and where did the data (data collected at). Who can not see these facts as DSB, is can not properly classify the sensitivity of a data protection mechanism. A good data protection software will however cover this point. Privacy documentation need typically have a longer time, until they are properly (i.e. fully) constructed. The Department provides requested information more slowly than quickly; multiple request after is normal.

We think that the time which the information Commissioner for the appointment tracking spending, is better used with relevant work could. “Hooking up” consumes a substantial part of the available time of the DSB. A good privacy policy editing software takes over the management of the time for the data protection supervisor through automatic regularity test (the information specified covered?), automatic update check (is the documentation of the procedure still currently?) and through follow-up of the operation to one with automatic alert scheduled time also if the software is not started. The technical and organisational measures (TOMs), which will recommend to the DSB, significantly expand the field of work of the information Commissioner. Also this activity belongs to the time-consuming duties of the Privacy Commissioner. To devise measures and formulate places high demands on the DSB. Not only, that incredibly long finding or formulating the data protection measures and the information Commissioner no, charged the working time – must also be sure that he has overlooked nothing essential. Why should you reinvent the wheel? The Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) provides more than 1200 measures the data protection officer, of which at least 700 are especially suitable for data protection processing.