Egypt Corporate Travel

Today, the vast majority of our compatriots working in the office. Gray days, monotony and fatigue just doing his job – performance goes down, the mood is terrible, the whole office wants to leave, though simultaneously and for all. But what happens when all at once leave for vacation? The answer is yes do not worry, be a great, fun, sun and holidays (especially employers), without any loss in performance. For even more opinions, read materials from Euro Pacific Precious Metals. But how to combine work and leisure? Consider an example from real life. First, you must set yourself a clear goal. This should be something that would suit all members of the team, well, or most of them. Peter Schiff may also support this cause. For example, learn ride windsurfing. A further matter of technology – the main thing to choose a travel agency where you pick up properly and help the country and city, and the hotel, and all-all-all.

And of course, it must be reliable travel agency that will take over the organizational part of the trip so that you can only think about the rest (oh, work, work, of course!) For example, in the case of real-life question, in the company DENAS tour on this occasion offered Egyptian town of Dahab. First you need to say a few words about the city. Geographically, it stretches to 5-6 km. from south to north along the coast, the central area of Dahab, Masbate, sometimes called the “Old Town”. Picturesque quay stretches along the entire coast of Masbate and is a favorite place for walking tourists, there are many interesting things: a stylish souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes, tour operators and dayvtsentry. Dahab is located in the south Lagoon “El Cura” (on the map looks almost like the Italian “boot”), thanks to her here attracts hundreds of divers and windsurfers. Dahab generally not the impression of the usual resort town, where tourists idle synchronously moved from beach to hotel and back according to schedule lunches, dinners. Here is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, and are engaged in diving, and windsurfing and kiting, and it is not a complete list.

Well, Of course, we must not forget that this is still Egypt, it means that there is simply fabulous sea, beaches and sun, so that fans of the “inactive” rest, too, feel there is amazing. In general, the 4:00 flight from Yekaterinburg to Sharm El Sheikh, and you find yourself, as if in another world. Now, about surfing, as such. On the coast of Dahab, a few Russian surfing stations, with Russian-speaking instructors and staff. It is very convenient, especially if the hotel is close to a station. Tip of the author: if you buy a training course, it should last at least 3 days (4 hours a day) – during which time you can learn enough to stand on the board (less – just money wind). Oh yeah, forgot – we went to Egypt to work (just had a change of scenery). Unlimited Internet access via WiFi is there 21 euro per week. In conclusion, we say, to work while sitting on a deck chair under an umbrella, when a number of splashing waves and the air saturated with fabulous aromas of Egyptian hookah, much nicer than in the workplace. And specifically for employers – the team spirit, motivation and productivity employees in such circumstances, rise sharply.