Eladia Blazquez

How long we do not stop to think how many simple things simple and have life and have nothing to do with the payment of the ballots of gas or electricity? How long has it been since we peer through the window to follow the flight of a bird or see if Rose has given us a new child? How long have we not to feel overwhelmed by the terrible news that every day we offer the media and stop to reread that book that we have forgotten in a drawer? How long that instead of thinking if we get to meet the monthly target accounts, decided not enjoy that currency has been falling behind in a pocket and gave us even more than a treat to sweeten an instant? How long have we not holding hands with those around us, simply walking does not produce any cost and is available to all of us? How long have we to think that life is just full of obligations and sat down to tea with a friend, no time preset? How long that instead of worrying about the beds are spread out before going to work not devoted this time to say something to the person we love? How long have you say I'm not going to do anything. I do not care that there are many unfinished tasks. Today is my day off? How long that we forget to dance? Today I have a proposition to ask all who read this news. Think of yourselves. Give yourself a break from all obligations. Enjoy the silence or music.

Enjoy a talk even to himself. Life goes on, and only if we find a little happiness we can say that was worth living. For live only to fulfill our obligations does not valid. As one song Eladia Blazquez: No! Stay and spend not exist nor endure not to honor the life … … .. Because it is not the same as living life Honor. Maybe we should listen more frequencies to poets like her who have left us a legacy to think, meditate and practice.