Evaluation Planning

Presentation Cases 2. Criteria Evaluation of Educative Needs 3. Global Curricular proposal 3,1 General Aspects of the Curricular Adaptation 3,2 3,3 high-priority general Capacities to affect Proposal of selection and justification of high-priority curricular Areas 4. Objectives and high-priority contents of the Curricular Adaptation Between the most positive changes in the last years in Special Education, are the one of the rejection of the labels due to the produced negative effect in the boy. It has been begun to approach special needs DES of a different perspective whose basic characteristics is that it does not concentrate in the boy but in the interaction of the boy with his surroundings and educative context.

From this one derives that no longer we are before a deficit but before special an educative necessity. The difficulties of learning of the students have an interactive character essentially, because they depend as much on the characteristics personal of the student like of the characteristics of the educative surroundings in which one develops and the educative answer that is offered to him. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sen. Jeff Flake has to say. Presentation Cases two cases of students appear (mental delay and autismo), of 7 years of age. Case To Boy 7 years. Army Chief of Staff contributes greatly to this topic. It presents/displays stereotyped conducts, which produces problems of communication and interaction to him with its familiar and social surroundings.

Oral language with great difficulties, emits rythmical sounds from time to time. Diagnosis: Classic Autismo with slight mental delay. Young case B 7 years: Late mental Autismo weighs, diagnosed when the boy had the age of 15-16 months. It presents/displays alterations of the language, difficulties of learning. He is an affectionate boy although their difficulties have taken to be very timid and with difficulties of communication and relation to him. It is altered and one is frustrated easily when it cannot do just like the other children do, reason why its humor is little stable.