Goods Manufacturers

A commitment to manufacturers of all kinds of goods to the establishment of prices product, which, covering srednevidovye production costs, and ensuring the price of labor, not less than the price of labor of all other manufacturers srednevidovyh for the goods value of costs, prices of all commodities creates of the market in accordance with srednevidovoy cost of production. It turns out that the market factors to ensure the equivalence of the provisions of the competing entities reflect a sharing, not only satisfaction with the exchange of the bulk of its participants, but also equality between the price of goods and srednevidovoy cost of production. Thus, the participants in the exchange, not trying to compare the goods or exchanging for value labor costs of production, nor on the size of their utility, seeking only to clear and obvious equality of benefits that their ambition to provide an equivalence of exchange, ensure the formation of objective values cost of goods. So there is a mechanism avtosoizmereniya values. Formed by the market equilibrium price of the goods is perceived as a 'norm' as 'this product is worth such a price' as 'an objective price of the goods'. Therefore, in equilibrium market conditions, at constant commodity, commodity prices are set with little or no 'fight' the system 'buyer – seller' or, more precisely, the 'struggle' takes the form of mutual recognition of equivalence of exchange, awareness of the 'normal', the objective of prices and profits. In the non-equilibrium of the market where demand is not balanced proposal, where one of opposites is an opportunity to express their subjective will and to raise their level of satisfaction of the exchange at the expense of satisfaction with the exchange of their antipodes, born subjective (monopoly) prices and the cost of goods that are in the market and imperfect competition. .