Hyundai Showcased

Hyundai Nuvis officially debuted at the International Auto Show, held in New York. Nuvis – crossover new generation, combining avtribuy friendly city car and the characteristics of a premium car. Nuvis – a look at future generation crossover Hyundai (Hyundai), whose representatives are currently Hyundai Tucson (Tussal) and the Hyundai Santa Fe (Santa Fe). Hyundai Nuvis – created in the California design center company in Irvine. The car embodies the very popular recent trends – compact, economical and environmentally friendly. The key to the success of crossover Hyundai Nuvis its hybrid system Hyundai Hybrid Blue Drive, enabling it to fully comply with the fuel economy, which will come into effect in the U.S. in 2015.

Nuvis represent the views of designers at Hyundai urban crossover near future. Appearance crossover settled in the new corporate style of Korean brand, presented recently on the prototype ix-onic on Motor Show – the successor to today's Hyundai Tucson (Tussal) and the Hyundai Santa Fe (Santa Fe). On each side of the concept are opening up two-door type 'gull wing', which will provide access both to the front, and rear seats. Nuvis differ extravagant body design and a spacious interior with neon plastic panels. Designers to create the appearance of the concept car inspired by the movement of water and forms which creates a wind from the snow. Thus, the car must create a sense of motion even while standing still. Nuvis conceived as a versatile vehicle for active people: in the morning his owner could go ride through the desert Happy to go into the mountains, and in the evening an official dinner. As one of the features touted Nuvis interior upholstery, made from recycled plastic bottles! Four passengers can communicate with each other using new technology Methode Electronics TouchSense.

At a mass in 1542 kg of the concept car has a length of 4.78 meters and the width and height of 1.97 and 1.66 meters respectively. Hyundai Nuvis – a hybrid car. This is evidenced by the inscription Blue Drive on the body of the Hyundai Nuvis. The complete assembly of the hybrid Hyundai Nuvis includes 2.4 liter Theta ii engine is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission and electric motor, 30 kW. Accumulate energy lithium-polymer batteries, which are more effective than lithium ion. Hybrid plant provided for the concept car Nuvis, will be used for the Sonata sedan next generation, which will appear in 2010, and the same design will borrow the new Tucson, Premier which is scheduled for the second half of this year. The car can move as a pure electric or by conventional motor, and using these two units together. According to the company, the conceptual crossover spends about 6.9 liters of fuel in the urban cycle, while on the highway fuel consumption is about 6.7 liters. Besides Hyundai Nuvis different modern technologies such as: a system of automatic stop and start engine, which automatically suppresses the motor when stopped at traffic lights or in traffic, a package of polymer lithium batteries and electric air conditioning compressor.