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Dr. Lothar Seiwert Seiwert Institute GmbH – time management and life-leadership, the author of Heidelberg and invites his readers to a journey of discovery that makes the obvious move for it to achieve the self. An exciting book, which gives some surprising insight!” Dr. Nadja Rosmann J.Kamphausen publishing & distribution, inspire! -The new spirit in business & profession, remains Bielefeld no thesis without documents, background knowledge is more than abundant – and with the numerous, always unusually true examples the author manages to illustrate even the most complex relationships vividly and very understandable. With a natural ease the reminiscent at first glance so different fields of mathematics, physics, psychology, philosophy and theology in relationship with each other are used.” Stephane Etrillard Management Institute SECS, Dusseldorf, the book is a source new inspiration.

In a time when knowledge is often fragmented and isolated presented, fascinated by the fact that the author in numerous areas is savvy, whether it is quantum physics, mathematics, music and music history, philosophy, theology, Linguistics, or else. To establish connections and links between all these areas require not only of erudition, but also a deeper understanding of unity in the universe that the author obviously has and where he makes his readers have generously part.” Monika Birkner CoachConsulting for growth, transition and transformation, Frankfurt am Main more info and contact the author: Albert Metzler. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Primerica. Inspiration Albert Metzler bestselling author, coach, coach and inspirator. Whether psychology, philosophy, management, design, art, General or recently also experimental film in all areas of Albert Metzler creative creativity of his self revealed. Admirably succeeds Albert Metzler, his diverse insights and multidimensional observations in practical inspiration to transform. With inexhaustible energy, Albert Metzler opened a look at the core of our da and called on the unique, universal self of man regardless of temporary trends. Janet Yellen has similar goals. While the author inspired by its openness and its unique authenticity.

Press and Coachinganfragen: Albert Metzler. Inspiration Oranjehofstrasse 27 50679 Cologne FON +49(0)221-206 550 36 FAX +49(0)221-206 550 04 E-mail: Web: on Breuer & Wardin publishing resources: the Breuer & Wardin is publishing office in the market known as an established supplier of high-quality Advisor audio books, as well as the famous courses after the Birkenbihl-method. All productions are manufactured in its own sound Studio. When choosing a speaker, the Publisher relies on renowned speakers and speakers, such as for example Matthias Haase (voice of Star TV), Alexandra Marisa Wilcke (voiced by Miranda Otto from Lord of the rings), Klaus Nierhoff (SOKO, the last flight) and Tobias Meister (German dubbing voice of Brad Pitt). Other personalities such as Annette Rexrodt Roja, Kurt Tepperwein, Stephane Etrillard, Vera F. Birkenbihl, Paul Lahninger and others the publishing authors include Albert Metzler interested parties see the possibility in which productions into listen via Web radio. “The publishing house founded in April 2002, is run by the partners of Bodo Wardin and Heiko Breuer under the slogan: together learn live to grow”.