Investing In Shares Through CFDs

Would you like to operate with actions around the world? CFDs allow you to access thousands of securities of major global markets. The trading with is a great way to access a wide range of internal actions, all from the same account. So, you can make CFD positions in Spanish companies know and interact with them frequently: Telefonica, Santander, BBVA, Iberdrola, Repsol … among many others. If you prefer to operate on foreign securities, markets like the U.S. or Europe as the British or German, it also has actions that may be of interest, such as Google, Vodafone and Bayer, for example.

The mechanism to operate on international stock CFDs is the same as that of the Spanish stock CFDs. Orders can be placed directly into the order book of the relevant market, with instant execution, and positions can be managed from a single screen that shows all the markets on which you are operating. Furthermore, CFDs give you access to other conditions, such as Foreign Exchange (), Indices, Commodities, interest rates, etc. Exposure to currency fluctuations in Shares CFD when dealing with international stock CFDs that are not listed in Euros, should take into account exposure to the fluctuation of the currency concerned. The initial deposit (the margin deposit required to open the position) and any gain or loss, commissions, dividends or interest to be applied to your position will be displayed in the appropriate currency. However, the funds in your account will be in Euros, so its net profit will also be influenced by the exchange rate.

Exposure to currency fluctuations can help or hurt their operations, a favorable exchange rate may increase their profits, while a less favorable exchange rate will reduce them. An example: a benefit of $ 1,000 on CFDs on shares of Google may be of 731 euros if the exchange rate EUR / USD is 1.3680, or 681 if the rate of change outside of 1.4680. Learn more about the CFD operational and financial markets through comprehensive educational programs of IG Markets. The course ‘CFDs in 6 Steps’ is a free educational program for six weeks and 100 pages on CFDs. Also we offer a wide range of online among them include Introduction to CFD trading, IG Trader platform or foreign exchange transactions. Please note that, because it is a leveraged product, CFDs carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for everyone: Make sure you completely understand the risk involved and make a constant monitoring of your investment.