Combination of colors on business cards can not be varied, removed transfer full color images. A good addition to business cards can be a thermic (volume of letters is felt to the touch). Business cards get a beautiful and solid appearance. There is a way of making business cards using embossing or kongrefa. Information is transferred to paper using the matrix plate and foil in the temperature effect on the press. The foil can be of different colors, most popular is gold and silver. Federal Reserve Bank may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Embossing can be combined with full-color printing (eg printed business cards on a printer, and oust the logo or emblem). business card, made by this method seem the most rich and have a stylish clean look.

You can make cards and other ways, with other additions (foiling, cutting, rounded corners, etc.). Some salons offer business cards, even on vinyl (same material records). These cards are more collectible, these cards cost up to several tens of thousands of rubles per set. Material. For the manufacture of modern business card printing shops offer enough wide selection of paper. Standard unpretentious paper, which was well tolerated, including full-color images, is coated paper, density 250-300 g / m .. Colotech also very popular.

A distinctive feature of this paper is the increased whiteness. Of structural and reflennyh securities worth mentioning flax. (White and melted milk, a standard business card density 280 g / sq.m.) Cost of business cards on coated paper range from 200 to 600 rubles, flax from 500 to 900 rubles. Cost determines the number of business cards and color. Today's print shops offer a wide range of designer paper. If you want to paper not only pleased the eye but also hand select touch cover. The paper has a texture has a unique feel to the touch and velvety. Current print production stepped far forward. Good printing can implement virtually any of your imagination. Chain stores offset printing Ala-print in Moscow is always pleased to clients distinguishes us a good attitude, high quality, low prices and individual approach to each client. Source