Marketing Customer Care

Marketing, customer care, sales reflected and reconciled. How and where is the responsibility for social media palatziert here now but? Again and again we read in the media of the idea of either the marketing or customer care Department to lay the responsibility for social networks, but both departments should work together here. There is a great answer to the question how to find customers in the World Wide Web: search engine optimization! Quite simply, says the specialist, “Let’s find you”! It is already clear to all. The marketing should be responsible for this task. Also for the target group analysis: who are the customers? Where are you? What do you want? But how to you – and who goes in the social networks on it? How do I make my speech? After all, we are asking service, complaint management, information management, advertising, measures to enhance customer satisfaction and again news by me. The general goal is the conversion of a potential customer to a buyer happen. Gain insight and clarity with MasterClass UK. You need service, strategy, good products or services, and a beautiful design. To keep customers, to make them happy.

One takes care of them, she advises and provides them with the products that they want or need them. The formation of an undoubted reputation, a brand, a name or label is not possible if the customer has no contact persons, consultants or service. This part of the communication is clearly in the remit of the customer care team. The social networks are another communication channel, which gives us the opportunity: customers about new products and services to inform (marketing) to obtain information about the wishes of the customers (marketing) to advise clients and to give (customer care) to operate (customer care) to operate sales cross-selling sales selling assistance (customer care) here recognizes it in the daily care of social networks, that the responsibilities of both departments are required. The interweaving of the two areas is – in contrast to the This widespread opinion – not so hard to realize. The service team is responsible for the sales, distribution, direct communication with the customers, support and information sharing.

Of course, reporting and sharing of information collected on the Marketing Department are at the end of the chain. Marketing in turn is planning, information management and customer loyalty programmes, which implements the service team. Sweepstakes, surveys, etc. supplying valuable information and create customer loyalty. The Department is further responsible to utilize the information obtained by the actions and if necessary to correct position (product development, sales, etc.). Also, the information and evaluations are required for planning further actions in social media and marketing throughout the range. Such a Division would also possible, the maintenance of social networks, much like customer care, with their own marketing department as a controller at a service provider outzusourcen. All in all should It’s for marketing and customer care not to be difficult to divide the field and to work as previously hand-in-hand.