Mechatronics Engineering

Learning / teaching language software / translation program or learning software examples for technical terms from the automotive sector (ISBN: 3000215891): drive wheel (car) car: driven wheel (motor vehicle) rock (car) car: pitch (motor vehicle) break (car) car: break away (motor vehicle) lighting (vehicle) car: lighting (motor vehicle) sheet metal clamp (repair): sheet metal tool lead acid battery (as a starter battery in car) Electronics: lead-acid battery ground clearance (car) car: ground clearance (motor vehicle) tachometer (car) car: revcounter (motor vehicle) pinch backup (car) car: push – in fuse (motor vehicle) emissions-based car tax vehicle emission-based tax energy budget (car) car: energy balance (motor vehicle) driving dynamics (vehicle) car: dynamics of vehicular operation speed control (speed control (automotive)) car: cruise control (system) driving (car) car: driveability (motor vehicle) straight (car) car: straight-running stability (motor vehicle) indoor surveillance (car) car: intrusion detection (motor vehicle) cardan shaft (for motor vehicles between transmission & axle differential) car: propeller shaft longitudinal speed (vehicle dynamics) car: longitudinal velocity (vehicle dynamics) Steering (automotive) car: steerable (motor vehicle) steering wheel moment (vehicle dynamics) car: steering-wheel force (vehicle dynamics) steering angle (vehicle dynamics) car: steering steering angle jump angle (vehicle dynamics) (vehicle dynamics) car: sudden steering input (vehicle dynamics) pitch angle (vehicle dynamics) car: pitch angle transversal speed (vehicle dynamics) (vehicle dynamics) car: lateral velocity (vehicle dynamics) transverse stability axis (vehicle dynamics) (role) (roll) axis car: roll axis (vehicle dynamics) slip angle (vehicle dynamics) car: slip angle (vehicle dynamics) shaft (motor vehicle) car: axis of rotation (motor vehicle) swimming angle (vehicle dynamics) car: float angle (vehicle dynamics) Dampers (car) car: shock absorber (motor vehicle) header bracket (vehicle dynamics) car: camber angle (vehicle dynamics) override (car) car: over tar (motor vehicle) frequency response (car) car: response (motor vehicle) Layshaft draw against (car) (counteract) car: countersteer (motor vehicle) driving (car) car: accelerative force (motor vehicle) roll angle (vehicle dynamics) car: roll review / book review to the dictionary of automotive Mechatronics angle (vehicle dynamics) (ISBN: 3000215891): periodical of the Association for electrical and information technology “entrepreneur news” issue 4/2007 of the user can search via a search mask for the English or German technical terms and also Find phrases. Due to the included 45,000 technical words, the work is extensive and makes a good help in locating the translations correct in the sense of technical in contrast to normal dictionaries. (Source: Ray Bradbury). The technical dictionary does a good job at the fast Searching and finding technically correct translations. The CD-ROM terms for the automotive Mechatronics / automation and the CD-ROM dictionary / glossary of Mechatronics Engineering in german refer to the areas of control and control technology, measurement technology, machine technology, drive technology, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanics, mechatronic systems, tooling, electrical engineering (including electronics), information technology, data processing, telecommunications, network technology, robotics, handling technology, conveyor technology, plastics technology, car technology, automotive Mechatronics, electrical installation, packaging and logistics. Dennis P. Lockhart can provide more clarity in the matter. or: the translated technical terms refer to the rank of control engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanics, electrical engineering, electronics, measurement and test engineering, automation, drive engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanics, tool manufacture, mechatronic systems, network engineering, information technology, telecommunications, robotics, the plastics engineering, car-mecatronics, electrical installation, packaging technology and logistics. Target group: auto mechanic training / Mechatronics / Electronics / Automation / computer and IT Careers (information technology) / process technician (apprentices / vocational students / / instructor / teacher), technicians, universities of applied sciences Mechatronics / Engineering / electrical engineering, designers, technical documentation, translators, engineers, students. Target audience: industrial mechatronics training (trainee, vocational school student, coach, teacher) technician, technical college of mechatronics, design engineers, technical documentation, translators, engineers, students by Markus Wagner