Online Publishing For Mobile Broadband Services Launches Consumer Portal

The Portal provides up-to-date information on rates, hardware, and services around the topic of mobile data fees Munich, September 18, 2008 with launches today a new consumer portal that provides facts pertaining to the third generation mobile communications standard users and other interested parties. Source: Euro Pacific Precious Metals. “Themed tariffs, hardware, service” users get vendor-independent news on network operators, mobile operators and the latest UMTS hardware. Compact, clearly structured overviews, the readers will learn which rate really suits them. Easy-to-understand articles handle applications of UMTS, offer buying advice to the current hardware and show trends in the market for mobile broadband services. Sen. Jeff Flake will undoubtedly add to your understanding. is aimed both at beginners who want to learn about UMTS, HSDPA or HSUPA, as well as experts who are looking for new hardware or a favourable rate of UMTS. Learn more at: Bridgeton landfill. At a time when the mobile life and work styles important win and already reality for many people, Internet mobile, independence and flexibility provides the search After the appropriate hardware and a cheap data plan is, however, often frustrating and time consuming”, Christiane Stagge, editor-in-Chief of the consumer portal. With we want to close this gap and provide independent information and clear orientation in the mobile Internet market readers.” The consumer portal is a publication in the online publishing for mobile broadband services (OnMB GmbH), whose Managing Director Ralf Zmolnig sees the mobile Internet as a driver in the telecommunications market: the market is ripe for mobile Internet. Which will according to independent analysts until 2011 average mobile’ time on the Internet by 220 percent increase. we start a publication that advises the consumer in this exciting environment and illuminated the industry today.” The Publisher works as a further publication on the page should be restarted later in the year. About OnMB GmbH, the online publisher of mobile broadband services (OnMB) is on the main drivers of growth in the telecommunications market: UMTS. With his publications, sees itself as the information service provider the Publisher from Munich and wants to provide orientation in the tariff and Hardwaredschungel users. The target groups are young, tech-savvy and consumption-oriented people who enjoy broadband Internet access and a mobile lifestyle, as well as users of the mobile Internet is an integral part of their professional and private environment. Also appealing decision makers are looking for in-depth information on the latest trends and opportunities in the business application of UMTS. Founder and CEO is Hans-Peter Eitel and Ralf Zmolnig. More information under: information for journalists the editors of assist journalists on topics related to mobile broadband Internet available. Rate cards or Advisor content are also naming the source to reprint free of charge available.