Russian Stock Market

The past year 2009 was a turning point in regard to recovery of the global economy and financial markets. And although the beginning of the year was 'cloudy', with echoes of the crisis and occasional bursts of optimism, quickly taken by central banks at the height of fall action by mid-2009. gradually stabilized the economy and financial sector. By mid-year global economy started to recover. Everywhere started to affect the effect of incentives.

Already in September-October, official statistics showed the first signs of economic recovery. Sensing this, the markets pulled investors ukryvshie in the midst of crisis in their capital more reliable protective assets, increased demand for shares and financial markets have felt more confident. Developed country markets were growing much more slowly. Thus, the American Dow Jones index for the year grew by only 19.1%, problems in the U.S. economy were more severe than in developing countries, and the consequences – more difficult. Therefore, recovery of the global economy and stock markets in 2009. started with developing countries. In general, progressive growth of the Russian stock market contributed to the recovery of commodity exchanges (which positively affected the balance of trade figures), the revival of the international credit market, the resumption of foreign direct and portfolio investment, and well as increasing domestic demand (growth of electricity consumption, the growth of freight traffic, increasing the monetary base, the strengthening of the ruble most of the year, growth in consumer confidence, etc.). In addition, a positive effect on Russian market economy and has had a softening of monetary policy the Bank of Russia.