The Foundation

Most often this is expressed in the formation of tectonic joints (gaps) or displacement of rock blocks along the earlier established active faults. Important feature of modern ideas is the situation that the main tectonic stresses acting in the crust horizontally, and many times surpass the power of stress on the weight of rocks that are well confirmed by field measurements in the mines. Modern earth surface displacements always occur along active tectonic faults. Tectonic fault – a zone of discontinuity crustal suture separating the rock mass into two blocks. Frequently Peter Schiff has said that publicly. Tectonic faults are present in every mountain range in any territory and has long been studied by geologists.

If a building is erected over the faults, the displacement and deformation in the zone tectonic suture can be passed to the supporting structure and lead to a breach of the stability and accidents. Given the wide spread of local tectonic disturbances in the surface of the earth's crust, the probability of having a tectonic zone at the base of the engineering facility is extremely high. It should be noted that the presence of the fault does not always lead to deformations of the building. To this effect the combination of certain factors, in particular – the intersection of several faults under the foundation and defined the orientation of tectonic faults in the field of acting stresses, ie depends on the direction of the force. The normative Documents on the engineering survey, most of which copy documents from the Soviet period, published 30-40 years ago, the geological environment is considered as a static structure.

The Curve

When partitioning ceilings take into account that the sheets should located along the length perpendicular to the outer wall with the window openings so that the seams between adjacent sheets arranged symmetrically to the longitudinal axis of the ceiling. Peter Asaro follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The ceiling along the seams begin to split from the sheets middle of the ceiling, placing a sheet across the entire width of the axis of the room. The ceiling is recommended to cover the full length of the leaf. In case of insufficient length of the sheets do double-sided indentation sides with a sheet from the walls to form ceiling frieze. For finishing of walls and partitions the longest side of sheets of drywall are usually positioned vertically. In accordance with the by-sheet located at the base of support is applied (Lighthouse), grade size 80×80 mm. Reference marks are located at the floor, the ceiling and at intervals through 1,2-1,5 m along the seam, as well as incoming and protruding corners. Cut out sheets of a special knife, cutting through the sheet from the front side of the line at depth of not less than half the thickness of it, then leaves behind the curve on the notch on the back side, fold and cut the cardboard from the back side. Methods of fastening sheets of drywall sheets of drywall to the walls and partitions, except wood, bonded with mastic, which is applied to the back side of sheets in the form of individual adhesive stamps. The distance between the marks should not exceed 400 mm.

Log House Sauna

Choose size bath You know what the most popular size of asking customers? – 3×5, and only after you start to ask: why 3×5?, During a conversation change their decision. Educate yourself with thoughts from Farallon Capital Management. And what size is most often book, you ask? – Answer – the most demanded size – 4×5 bath, the second most popular – Bath 4×6. Why? Let's start from the beginning of the stove is now rare, who set a brick stove, and now for some reasons: firstly brick oven should sink at least 4 hours and lime have a bunch of firewood, and secondly on the stove takes less than 2 square meters, and third under it requires a good foundation. And dignity? – First bricks for a long time hold and give the accumulated heat and secondly the stones in the heater for those 4:00 warmed to a higher temperature. And what – disadvantages outweigh the advantages. For this reason, the vast majority put in his bath modern metal stove, which does not have the above disadvantages. And this is – a little place, with an average of 0,2 to 0,5 square meters. meter, a quick warm up steam – about forty minutes, light weight – 300 kg, and therefore do not need a foundation for the oven – it installed directly on the floor. Now the main thing – is now available oven, coated with natural stone – soapstone (pictured) or coil, which collects and then slowly gives gentle heat, and radiation from Natural stone has beneficial effects on the human body.


Timber is called all sorts of products, which is obtained by processing the wood. Lumber can be classified as in the field of use, and quality, and size. The most common types of include bars, beams and boards. Building boards are used mainly as a "rough" surfaces for the main decorative layers. For example, the building boards are often used for laying the sub-floor in the country buildings, for covering or sheathing of walls, although in recent years increasing use of less expensive wood-fiber material – hardboard and mdf, are similar in performance characteristics with natural wood. Parquet board – a very different kind of lumber. This high-quality lumber processing, sometimes it is made of several (up to 4) layers (brackets). Parquet board is more elegant, lighter materials than dial- or parquet.

The same should highlight it, very competitive, cost. Advantages of natural wood combined with the strength and durability leads to what is currently parquet board rather demanded by the market. Unedged – one of the main types of timber, high demand everywhere. Its edge is not sawdust or sawdust in part. This kind of board has been applied during the installation of internal cladding or flooring, in as components of the load-bearing structures. In other words, in cases where the board will be hidden beneath the outer "facade" coating and its appearance no special requirements. Structure of timber today are increasingly replacing the structure of logs, which are used by people over the past centuries. But, wooden beams is more convenient to use timber.

Shaped beam to lay a lot easier – today woodworking equipment allows you to create a nearly ideal beam profile. Walls of timber gets exactly, therefore, disappears necessity for additional surface treatment is is an indisputable advantage. "Natural" wood varies excellent consumer quality, it is environmentally clean, which is quite important – in recent years increasing attention has been paid safety of the materials used for .Prochnost and durability structures and articles of wood depends on the properties drevesiny.Odnim of the most important indicators of quality of wood is moisture content. Want to select, which is unlikely in the coming years there is an alternative product that can completely push the wood, lumber from the market.


How nice that sometimes make a difference in our interior. One very practical and comfortable things in our apartments is carpeted. It is practical and convenient. In the markets of our country represented the greatest number of species carpeting for every taste and budget, the more buying will always be successful because of low quality and counterfeit products are effectively dead. Course of its useful life not exceeding 5 years, but replacing it, the look of your Interior immediately acquire new. The only disadvantage of such coatings is that they accumulate dust.

It remains only a matter of choice. You can buy a carpet from synthetic fibers. The quality of these coatings can argue not only the notified person. Synthetics do not emit harmful substances into the air and has good heat insulation and sound deadening properties. He is durable and easy to clean, because ideal for living rooms. For bedrooms ideal coating of sheep's wool, mostly pastel colors.

Luxurious, warm and cozy. Requires special care and may seem too capricious to clean. For children the best option would be coating of polyimide. It is soft but keeps the shape perfect nap because even the heaviest furniture it is not terrible. All the possible color gamut and a wide selection of paintings will adorn any room and create a good mood.

Smoke Heating

Any heating device – a complicated and fire the device, so installation of flues should be carried out by professional firms, responsible for quality of their work. It is best to consult a specialist at the design stage chimney. Experienced professionals will help you choose a product with all the possible wishes, prepare a project and figure out all of its components, acquire or make all the necessary elements, will work on installation, hand over a working system, tell us how to care for her, and, naturally, will give a guarantee on their work. The minimum height of the chimney furnaces must be at least 5 meters (if it be considered for a specific home – the height of the chimney should be at least 0.5 meters above the roof ridge). The cost of one meter of high-quality certified pipe depends on manufacturer (on the market today introduced range of pipes, both Russian and foreign production).

Thus, installation of flue involves the acquisition of spare parts for the chimney with subject to the necessary elements for a safe passage through the floors and roof, and the final cost of construction works depends on the diameter of the chimney's height and erection of chimney concrete scheme. System elements Smoke (or simply the chimney) through which the smoke from the combustion of fuel in the heating unit is displayed outside – one of the most important parts of the heating system. In organizing the construction of a chimney wood heating should be given increased attention.

Choosing a Fireplace

Fireplace at all times been associated with warmth and comfort in the house. Flame burning in the fireplace attracts and fascinates. Construction of heating systems in suburban homes and in the twenty-first century is still very popular. Manufacturer fireplaces and stoves – a process that requires high skills of all professionals: builders, packers and designers. Importantly – the fireplace should be specific to the room in which to be located. By type of fireplaces are: 1.zakrytye (Incorporated in main walls) 2.poluotkrytye (adjoined to the wall) 3.otkrytye (free standing) for the construction, finishing and decorating fireplaces use a variety of materials. Among them are: ceramics, wood, marble, stone, metal and other construction and finishing materials.

To choose the right fireplace to turn to professionals in their field to help you choose exactly what will decorate your house. You will receive professional advice on choosing a fireplace, fireplace facings and hearths, experts prompt better location fireplace, calculate the required length for the fireplace, sectional view and completing the fireplace chimney will provide valuable guidance on the operation of the furnace. Typically, the acquisition of fire offered two options: The first approach saves time and money – this fireplaces sale of high-grade standard furnace, and paneling chimneys. The second approach requires more time and money, because the fire will be made to your individual order, taking into account all your wishes. You yourself will pick up material, type of finish, fit, power. And the staff – a professional team of designers, engineers, architects, designers work with you to paint a sketch plan, will help write the fireplace and chimney into the interior of your home, pick up a suitable furnace. In the process of making the fireplace you can even make possible at this stage of change. And your fireplace will warm your home and family with warmth and light, giving you comfort and good mood.

Good Experts Say: Corporate Power Tool

The best employees understand: Mighty Power Tools offers the opportunity to perform work quickly and qualitatively. Required electric profitable to buy in specialty stores, which have specialize in the sale of such equipment. The customer has the choice of a very interesting technique based on a certain budget, and the spectrum of challenges. Of course, shop power tools, various boards require a good understanding of the entire staff. If necessary, you can get tips from the experts, they will be able to respond even to the interesting, complex customer questions. Experienced professionals for finishing and renovations are certainly in our own arsenal of Mighty Hammer that well suited for work at different levels of complexity. If you are interested in power tools, the same equipment, it must be look at him with all the attention. This technique is sometimes used by young artists who are just learning to commit installation and construction works.

The tool works in the modes of drilling, drilling with a bang and chipping the surface. Modern devices have low vibration and impact, and comfortable pen holder makes handling comfortable and convenient, reduces the load on the hand specialist. The technique is implemented reverse function, you can also adjust the speed of rotation. Among the additional components needed to identify possible front grip, safety clutch, stop the depth of drilling. Now modern electric tool is actively used in the construction and repair, the organization strategically important, key facilities. Under the conditions of life it is easy to use electric hand tools because of the compactness Wizard can also buy tools, working on ac power or batteries. Network power tools may limit mobility, but it is widely used on construction sites due to high efficiency.

Community Power

* What is the power released by town, or your line of houses. For example if your cottage partnership 60 houses and electricity are allocated to the rate of 5 kW per house to install the boiler with a capacity of 30 kW in trouble with the neighbors you provided. * What is the power highlighted on your home? In the modern suburban partnerships, if the electricity is connected at the rate of say 10kW at home, often in the house put the gun at 10-12kW, which would avoid a showdown between neighbors. And his unauthorized change, cause serious troubles. For example, in case of fire you can blame the fact that it happened is your fault. * Check the condition of the transformer installed in the village may have to pull some wire for connecting electric boilers. * What are powerful appliances installed at the neighbors, and hit if their total power in that which is reserved for them at home. * Assume all is well How to install an electric boiler, and set convectors. What's more profitable elektorokotel or heaters? Dispute, it is cheaper electric boiler or heaters, this dispute is a series of "it's easier to kilogram or kilogram cast down, as electricity consumption for heating 1 cubic meter oema of electric boilers and heaters is the same, this can be verified by visiting the website of any company that offers boilers and convectors, and hence the amount of electricity bills will be similar. We want to draw your attention to the fact that the Internet and many forums are now attending mass advertising and promotion of heaters.