Zack! -Good Luck! Dinner Show

A musical kabarettistischer evening in Regensburg on 17 October 2008 Meike Fabian and Bettina Schonenberg the successful, cheerful and cheeky cabaret of music present… West Lake Landfill often addresses the matter in his writings. Zack! -Good luck! Restaurant Brandner in the SORAT Island-Hotel Regensburg. In search of Mister Perfect the two actresses pull all register of seduction. Accompanied by Andreas Rusting on the piano with music by Bach and improvised melodies, as well as a first-class Show menu, again promises the musical cabaret evening an amusing mix of top entertainment and top gastronomy. Start is at 19: 00. The visit to the dinner show menu 48.50 euros per person. Reservation takes the SORAT Hotel, phone (09 41) 810 40 against. Performances are scheduled for 14 November and December 12, 2008.

Restaurant Brandner is a fixed term of Regensburg gastronomic scene, 13 years not only in Regensburg as the small and fine address directly on the stone bridge. This is in addition to a lunch or a stylish candlelight dinner in the evening Restaurant in the protected walls of the former Kunstmanufaktur Brandner also for events of all kinds available. For business events such as Christmas and company parties as well as for private events such as weddings. In the series of events initiated by Stephan Zenger last year dinner spectacle is the dinner show…

Technical Expert Commission

In addition, the components are all environmentally friendly: durable, recyclable, reusable. The elastic layer has a life span of approximately 30 to 35 years, the lawn and the rubber granules may be 10 to 15 years. After reaching the lifetime of rubber granulate can be recycled and processed into other products, the lawn can be a thermal recycling fed and the sand can be used. New jobs through production in Germany Polytan manufactures all components of the artificial turf in Germany. This fact and the cooperation with the DFB led Polytan could create additional jobs, who want to keep them beyond the end of the project. In addition to its headquarters in Castle home in Bavaria and the production in Grefrath (NRW), there are nationwide four more branches, which serve as bases for personnel and material.

The production in Germany ensures the consistently high quality and long service life of the mini game fields. There is a quality control and quality assurance by the TuV and RAL. The assurance of the high requirements reduces costs for the during operation. Technical Expert Commission of the DFB checks turf systems exactly in a hard comparison, accompanied by a technical Commission of experts, were the various turf systems thoroughly tested and evaluated. The Polytan – system construction for years, modern fibre technology, excellent lawn construction and the ability to be able to produce and install, these 1,000 installations from a single source giving were rash for the success of Polytan. The Polytan Sports Center GmbH is one of the largest suppliers of systems for artificial grass and plastic running tracks for outdoor sports facility in Europe information to the company. The key to success is in the consistent focus of the products on the respective sport and the needs of the athlete. Polytan is the only manufacturer that can offer these sports systems from development through production to the installation from a single source. Polytan is the only company that produced only in Germany, whether it involves lawn or Career systems is. With a variety of branches around the world and in Germany customer wishes and requirements can be quickly recorded and implemented.