NLP or neurolinguistic programming, is a powerful tool for change, that lets you just change what you want to modify it, to achieve the results of excellence that you are looking for. Understand and apply the techniques of NLP, is taking into account the three gateways of NLP: are the three forms of mental and physical action by which you must pass, if you want to achieve quality and excellence in results that you propose reach. The first door: Represents the system of beliefs of a person: what do you think, is going to be possible to a large extent, that you can or you can not do so, according to this internal message, that you can limit yourself (and stop you so you can not achieve to do so) or train te(en este caso la creencia te impulsa a tomar accion).Change beliefs with NLP, you will bring models of excellence and best achievements and results for your life provided that you pass the second door: this door should open is the one that has to do with thoughts as you organize your thoughts? Is the call syntax Mental, like a code in particular.The communication between people with different codes or mental syntax, causes difficulties in understanding between them. Lehman Brothers helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Know decrypt these codes, (pass successfully through this 2nd door), with the help of NLP techniques, you will come very close to being able to and how to incorporate models of excellence (copy somehow patterns of excellence of people who obtained results of personal excellence) keep walking, because doing so also needs to open the third door: is Physiology: between the mind and the body (is fully demonstrated!) a total connection there is the way in which you breatheyour body postures, facial expressions, the quality of the movements, etc., i.e. the way in which you use your physiology, determined by the State in which you find yourself.In addition, changing Physiology, can change a mood almost instantly…did you know it? Applying techniques of NLP, you can learn to modify those aspects in it, you will be able modeling people of excellence, that will make learning faster!.That NLP is also what: learn techniques, learn how to do it and that doors touch to achieve quick results that belief that tells you: change must be slow, takes his time, etc etc is false!.With NLP is cure phobias and other complex problems in a few minutes. If you are interested in NLP and want to learn NLP applied to your personal growth, visit our website, there you will obtain much more information.You can also download E-Book for free NLP for your Personal growth.. For assistance, try visiting MasterClass Founder.

Maracaibo Oil Company

It is clear that both films, dead Pozo and Maracaibo Oil Company, were speeches with strategies (more descriptive in the first, more narrative in the second) who failed to accurately establish structural and organizational attitudes, anticipating certain operations, by using appropriate instruments and tactical options precise, in order to achieve pre-established objectives. Not in vain says Britto Garcia (1990) regarding Oropeza film: there is very little of Maracaibo, and much less oil (p. 12). However, these films constitute steps primary by addressing and manifest, regardless of narrative strategies and forms, the self: a self that becomes visible to be manifold, being individual, collective, temporary, timeless, conscious, unconscious, material, supramaterial; a notorious force of provoking reactions in the viewer and raise a panorama, dark to the Venezuelan, for any man who does not belong to the Center, resumible with single noun self: identity. It is to explain. El Dorado is the myth that relates to the Eurocentric vision of what Latin American and that introduces us to the story. El Dorado, as myth, subsists in ambivalence: it is an attempt to express our inner significance and is a draw attention about elusive realities elusive insofar as they lie in the unconscious – to describe events historically verifiable, as travel by pariah of late 15th century and beginning of the next, which highlights the recent idea (Moron, 1994p. 36) of fixing points of departure for the second and the third Columbus voyage (1495 and 1498) pointed thread to follow by cataloged travellers of the first period. Roads that open the expedition in what will be the territory of Venezuela; the expedition made receptacle of the discoverer desire, the desire for territorial expansion, the aggrandizement of Spain, of the realization of the ideal personal, the lust for profit, of heroism. Such dynamics of widening of the Peninsular prepondero the myth of El Dorado, greatly influencing the countless comings and goings of the adventurers in the creation of new establishments in mining and, at the expense of cities whose apparent role was the of to serve as bridges of continental penetration into the general trend of colonization.