Tatiana Shkodin

The only outlet – Litsayty on the Internet: Full Member, Fabula, Proza.ru, Poems. py, etc. They help to discover new names in the contemporary literary world. And believe me, many worthy authors can be found in the literature sites. This sort of open the floodgates to an abandoned Soviet literature. The author has the opportunity to come to his readers.

It is to his. Of course, there are costs and does not hold water, open graphomania. Simply put, continuous reading. If it can be called literature. To have all the time.

Decent work is not sink into oblivion. All the quality and talent has the ability to locate themselves in space and time. It is known that a creative person who can not realize itself – it is an unhappy man. Uselessness of his work – for a real tragedy. Tatiana Shkodin: On the forums litsaytov is an active discussion published works. With the participation of editors. But in the journals, especially in Moscow, to publish virtually impossible. The impression is that everywhere, including in our literary world, and the solid mezhdusoboychiki. According to the principle: a brother, friend, pal, sycophant, toady, saint, etc. In general, a kind of corporate mezhdusoboychik. Writers' Union, incidentally, the same thing. It's no secret that the thick journals in metropolitan spirit can not tolerate writers from the provinces. That they are poor, they were given? Valery Kuznetsov: I remember in 1996 on the basis of competitive selection of manuscripts committee of the seminar invited you to the All-Russian seminar of young writers, but because of the difficult material situation you could not go home Nikolay Nekrasov in the city of Yaroslavl.