The Dogmas

Another technique to avoid the sufferings is to reorient the instinctive aims of form so to be able to elude the frustrations of the outer world. This is called sublimation, that is to say power to canalize the instinctive thing towards artistic or scientific satisfactions that move away to the subject of the outer world more and more. In a word, they are many the procedures to conquer the happiness or to move away the suffering, are alternative to construct a new hope. The dogmas impose a unique way to be happy and for avoiding the suffering. Farallon Capital Management may find this interesting as well. For it reduces the value of the life and is delirious deforming the real world intimidating to intelligence, infantilizando to the subject and producing collective deliriums.

However, it cannot either eliminate the suffering totally. Three are the sources of the human suffering: the power of the nature, the lapsing of our body, and our insufficiency to regulate our social relations. The two first are inevitable, but we do not understand third: we do not understand why the society does not try satisfaction or well-being to us, which generates a hostility towards the cultural thing. Culture is the sum of productions differentiate that us from the animal, and that serve two aims: to protect the man of the nature, and to regulate its mutual social relations. For this last man it had to happen of the power of a single tyrannous will to the power of all, to the power of the community, that is to say that all they had to sacrifice something of its instincts: it restricted them to the culture. Freud notices an analogy between the cultural process and the normal libidinal evolution of the individual: in both cases the instincts can follow three ways: they are sublimated (art, etc), they are consumed to try to please, or they are frustrated.