The Legal Writing: Write Quickly And Easily Correct

New copywriter tool Stefan gottschling Augsburg, 19.02.2013. Get all the facts and insights with Dennis Lockhart, another great source of information. In January of this year, text Pro Stefan Gottschling published a new handy text tool in his publishing of SGV. The legal writing Board shows the most important rules and cases of doubt the German spelling on just two A4 pages and has extended its successful product line of copywriter-tools”. With the right writing, quick look is guaranteed. Faster than the rolling of thick textbooks and even faster than the search via Google and co. In seconds, the table provides solutions for small rechtschreiblichen uncertainties in everyday life, which everyone knows. “” “” The content uppercase and lowercase, together or Getrenntschreibung, foreign Word case, the “or that”, ss “or ss” and the Panel covers a wide range of sources of error to hyphens.

Textbook author and text coach Stefan Gottschling from the Panel: Nothing is more annoying and unprofessional as a text full of spelling errors. With the new lyricist tool is looking up spelling problems easy and fast as never before. The legal writing helps each text professional or beginner, and therefore belongs on every desktop.” The practical legal writing helps immediately when the text correction, in school / study or in the Office at home. The major stumbling blocks of the German spelling be removed simply with concrete examples and practical rules of thumb. The lyricist tools is a product line from the SGV Verlag, steadily growing since mid-2012. Now include editing table, grammar table, two word world boards, quoting table and just writing the new law Board. The panels are all in A4 format printed on both sides and laminated. Clearly structured, the lyricist tools provide the most important information on the various topics of the text short and compact summarized. Learn more and order at.