Tips And Recipes Around Monster Slush Ice

Is your drinks without juice and power? Looking for your events and events still a product that you will pull your guests out of hand? Something that can appeal to all ages alike and offers an optimal profit margin? A product, the combination possibilities yet still offers and never get bored? Then you should check out on all cases deal with the purchase of a slush ice maker. “This device, raw material, different taste and color directions producing ice out of a kind of juice, the slush, which all have one common: they are the juice drink” in the form of snow! Uniquely refreshing as ice, fruity and tasty like juice”. And the best part: you are unique in their combination and thereby again and again new! Due to the snow-like nature you can stacked layers of several different colored flavours and thus give great color and taste effects the drink, which then either eat your customers or as a juice with the blade can slurp. Of course you can create ice of ready also shakes on milk-based and the most delicious cocktails with the slush, quite without effort and super fast. Either select directly from the wide range of cocktail variants, or mix a base that need to mix directly into the product container with the appropriate alcohol and then just drain out the fruity juice varieties. New selection “and create cocktails, if you mix classic recipes with each other by you layer them one above the other.” This formed beautiful color and taste levels, which intermingle with each other over the course of time.

Fill for example a strawberry daiquiri on a peach daiquiri, to pamper your guests. Or present a delicious, Classic Margarita with salt rim. The trick here is that the glass in lemon juice and then in salt is submerged. And the Margarita itself runs ice maker iced and seductive, ready-made from the slush. With the typical,. delicious Curacao touch and a lime on the edge of the glass this cocktail is popular as an aperitif, or just so, even in between. “Or create your own: for example a Sundown over the sea”: to the blue grape juice in the form of slush ice as the basis, the sea almost, to the Sun, Orange passion fruit slush and about the last bright rays of the Sun, where the pineapple sets the tone.