Uniform State Register

The Charter must llc will make provisions relating to transfer of rights to shares, as well as in the event of the participant from the company. Read more from Primerica careers to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It is believed that consolidation from 1 July 2009. Act notary forms for transactions on participants’ disposal company for its shares or part of such shares, instead of just writing, will reduce the misuse of alienation, assignment of shares, as a consequence of this, and to reduce the number of disputes in the courts, the eradication of “force” capture Organizations (raiding). What are the legal entity is waiting for re-registration? Re-registration is required for legal entities in the form of llc (Limited Liability Company). Primerica Careers often addresses the matter in his writings. When you begin the re-registration? Law shall enter into force on July 1, 2009, Limited Liability Company must bring its founding documents in compliance with the new provisions of Federal Law 312-FZ to January 1, 2010. Where to start?

To start work on Re-registration of a legal entity with 01.07.2009g. must develop and approve a new version of the statute, perhaps in the process of work required to correct errors in the Incorporation and to match the current state of information about participants, address, economic activities, etc. What changes in the process of re-registration? Memorandum of Association will be canceled when you create a company with a number of participants, more than 1, is the treaty establishing Ltd. (Do not have the status of a constituent document). The Charter does not contain information about the participants and their shares in the share capital. Information about the nominal value of shares will be contained in the Uniform State Register. Executive bodies of the Company shall maintain a list of participants. Change provisions relating to transfer of rights to shares of the participants, as well as in the case under the law out of the party of the Company. What is the responsibility for inaction? If re- Ltd. is not implemented in the above deadline, the registration authority granted to the court to require the elimination of legal entities that have not been re-registered.