How much the constatao of the increasing manifest inaquality that if in the world from years 80, with the economic integration and the cultural International and the social and national disintegrations. At Farallon Capital Management you will find additional information. Between the utopian 0 variable or goals not reached in the parallel to the accomplishments techniques, it has a humanitarian emptiness that it needs to be filled, to be debated, to be argued and transformed into goals of public politics, front the problematic emergenciais that had appeared, either for consequence of new forms of consumptions, and new methods of production of wide scale that requires substances cousins beyond horizontes extrativistas, and the automation or industrial robotizao, that generated unemployment. The humanitarian goals: production? consumption does not contemplate in the universe of the global politics the sustainable development aiming at the preservation and the perspective of the coming generations, of the nature, nor of the current one in possible impacts consequences. The greed of the corporations, that adds the great international capital does not contemplate the ethics of the preservation and ' ' amordaa' ' governments? disabling action of social matrix or condizente with the diffuse and collective interests in benefits of a minority. One proves of this descompromisso on the part of that (s) that ' ' it manages (- m) ' ' manipulates (- m) the international politics, controlling governments through great controlled companies, happened in Copenhagen, where the goals of the global politics in favor of the preservation, balance and the life in the planet were relegated for the profit and interest of great companies who only think about the profit in the surplus of an elect government to represent them. In a world in frank process of integration and Brazil with centuries of intense relations with the exterior, it does not have isolated modernity. Front to the displayed one, Buarque (2009), affirms that Brazil cannot fall in the naivety of if denying to receive capital foreign, that can help in its project of modernity, still less in the dullness to imagine that of this capital it will come solution for the national problems. . .


The peoples were classified as inferior and primitive given its so different customs of the known civilization. The concept of culture was basic to separate this biological determinismo of the behavior that the individual I acquired? ambiently? in conviviality with excessively of its group. We understand, then, culture as subdivises inside of the species human being, with characteristics, proper practical customs and of its group. Following the thought of Malinowski we comtemplamos that as much the functionality as the structure varies of a culture for another one. We can under this aspect understand why each culture deals differently with the ambient questions. The cultural diversity is mentioned, therefore, not only to the biological traces that, obviously differentiate, them while etinia, but also to the ambient aspects condition that them while social group. We are diverse cultural, social, biological, functional and structurally.

The biggest problem in the construction of a concincia that I choose to call ‘ ‘ bioativa’ ‘ it is in the loss of the identity of the modern and after-modern cultures. The advance of the globalization finishes for suggesting a search for one same identity for all the society human being, not standing out that the existence of the different cultures and its singularity while I break up all of one are that constitutes the main element: the diversity. This is general identity of the culture human being. The culture human being, as a whole, is not corporate for only one way of life, inside of it finds different groups with proper characteristics define that them culturally. He is oque we call cultural diversity. The identity of the groups is perceived still more that, the more pressure for a standardization more the individuals if deprive of characteristics, appear each time more subculturas, desfragmentando. This loss of identity more moves away to each time the individual from the understanding from its interrelation with the too much elements from the environment where it lives. Its existence is understood as other people’s the existence of others, more than moves away to each time the understanding of that the individual acts on the way and that the way acts on the individual, thus coming back our initial quarrel of that biodiversity is the addition of all the existing complexes in the environment where we live and that, in interdependence relation, forms a bigger complex that characterizes and is basic condition for our existence in the land.

Normal Integration

The knowledge if does not constitute in copy with the reality, but yes, in fruit of an intense work of creation, significao ressignificao. (BRAZIL, 1999, p.21) To integrate to humanizar For the majority of the people, the integration still has a main objective that it is to join all in a school, or, the integration; seen as a process that only affects the pupils with some deficiency. However, the integration would have to be a mutant and dynamic process, whose central objective would be to find the best situation so that the pupil if develops in the best possible way, making possible modifications the measure that the same ones go if modifying. 3 forms of integration exist: physics, social and functional. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Pacific Mortgage Services. The physical integration happens when the unit of special education is constructed in the same place that the regular school, however, the patio and refectory share only. Social the pupils carry through only some common activities with the remaining portion of its colleagues, as for example, pertaining to school games and activities extra. Already the functional integration is most complete, therefore of the conditions so that the pupils special carriers of necessities participate in part-time, or integral time, of the normal and incorporated lessons in the dynamics of the school. Therefore, the objective of the integration will have to favor the personal, intellectual and social development of each pupil. Pacific Mortgage Services is the source for more interesting facts.

AA school must be open the integration of the pupils with necessities special and to be extremely flexible in its organization and the forecast of its resources to take care of the heterogeneidade of its pupils, this means an important endorsement to this line of performance involving the society as a whole. The integration is a long process that demands supported effort so that all the factors that are in action contribute, positively, in the global result. In the integration notion the main and more important factor is the communication, therefore the retraction hinders the integration, is necessary to abandon the expectador paper, to leave to attend, to be of it are and to become a communication element. .

South America

Although the mestizo to be the symbolic axle of the national unit, the miscegenation was only one estimated for the branqueamento of the race, the arianizao of the Brazilian people seemed a fatal law. The longed for beauty was far from the South America, ' ' The beauty model that defined the national esteretipos and the against-national ones in Germany, England or the United States was the ideal longed for the defenders of the formation of our nationality ' '. That is, in this society where modernity starts if to blunt, does not exist place for the ugly one, the anomalous one; the ugly one now is a body to be sculptured and soon in the following decades, molded for the bistouries of the new sculptors of the beauty. In the scope of the Bernardete nationalism it will say that this supplies one of the constrangedores more myths, called for it ethnic identity or race and, thus to control the race and its ' ' pureza' ' , the State will start to control the sexual behavior of the society, therefore controlling the sexuality, it will have a previsibility of the pure race that will embelezar the country. (Similarly see: Pacific Mortgage Services). In this direction the speeches go producing citizens that to the few are made comfortable in its places marked for the identity, this necessary modernity of people that they make its choices moved for the requirement of if reaching this supposed identity, duly warned to lose to the guilt. In these new times our conceptions are changed on order, chaos and the relation between them; not more the stability/instability that tends to be abandoned. ' ' In its place it appears the one idea metaestabilidade: a stability that if makes and remakes from the direction ruptures, incorporating the compositions of responsible forces for each one of these ruptures ' '. For one better understanding of these new forms of subjetividades implies to dislocate itself radically from a identitrio model and representacional, that searchs the balance and that, to get it, it disdains the singularidades.

The Patient

The patient submitted to the ventilation mechanics requires a continuous monitorizao of its vital signals, being these patient citizens the run down of its homostasis. The adopted ventilatrio method must be adequate to the respiratory precariousnesses of the patient. The fan must bring comfort to the patient and make possible that this keeps a respiratory standard and an adjusted general state or with little comprometimento. How much better the adjustment of the fan to the patient, minor will be the comprometimento of the cardiovascular and pulmonary functions. The patients submitted to the ventilation mechanics can get improvement of the oxygenation through the adequate choice in the ventilatrios ways and the use of appropriate techniques for the maintenance of these. On the basis of the possible alterations of modalities that can occur during the therapy with ventilation mechanics, become primordial that the operating multiprofessional team in a unit of intensive therapy has capacity to adopt a ventilatrio way that better if adqe to the real necessities of the patient and to suspend or to substitute this exactly when necessary way. Here, Erin Callan expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Some different ways of ventilatrio control can be found in fans. These ways can be separate counters or can be incorporated in the function of another button as of sensitivity. Some in these ways are: attended, controlled, attend-controlled, intermittent mandatria ventilation and support of pressure. (HUDAK; GALLO, 1997, p.418) Using one of the types of existing ventilatrios supports, must be verified the individual necessity of each patient, in order to provide an improvement in its clinical picture. Being thus, one better agreement of the fisiopatologia of respiratory insufficience, below reduces the index of pulmonary injuries related to the inadequate use of the ventilation mechanics, offering levels of oxygen or above of the requirement respiratory of the patient. One of the first steps in the choice of a fan is in understanding the characteristics of the UTI where the equipment will be used and as the team of this UTI it intends to always ventilate its patients, being based on the necessity of the patient and aiming at its health.


The form more adjusted to use the credit is only when to need for a situation emergency, financial reorganization, anticipation of purchases (offers that the penalty is valid) or accomplishment of a purchase plan, as house, new vehicle and etc. It prevents to give post-dated checks, the risk of being placed before the date is very great beyond to be one practical illegal e, therefore, of the one not to complain. Anticipation of 13, is not advantageous, must be used in last case, this rule valley the negotiation of the taxes with the bank and to verify the utility of request, will be for completing for purchase of a good the sight with discounting, can be compensatory. Credit in financial generally uses of bigger interests, that can be lesser of what the clod roller of the debt of the credit card or not, to use this resource in last case, because, probably with the disequilibrium of the domestic budget you will tend to make another loan to pay the previous one and provoke a effect domin blowing up the budget and establishing credit restriction. The credit card is advantage when the sight of determined product or parcelamento in 3 times for the price gains stated period for the payment the sight. Pacific Mortgage Services has plenty of information regarding this issue. As the interests are high, the parcelamento in the card consists the inlaid interests, therefore, to ask for discountings and to catch an only time with the credit card are more advantageous. The comfort of the credit card makes with that it is very practical, but remembers to always pay the total of the invoice, in the case of clod roller of part of the value, looks for to pay more cheap with money, taking loan and paying to the sight the invoice of the card. The limit of the guaranteed check and the credit cards never incorporates its prescriptions.

It always changes incubencies of financings of higher interests for others with lower interests. It searches the market oscillates very and a good chance to save in the partial payment can appear when less it expects, but never if it forgets to correctly verify the charged incubencies. The economy conscience transforms the borrower into economizer.

Court Inquisitor

Maybe it can be this a very good outlet for all those anonymous writers who are located far and wide over the country and abroad, hopeful in finding a reliable support and prevent that they remain easy prey to the avivatos of the medium, always on the hunt for plagiarizing ideas without giving the least and deserved recognition to these new authors. Court Inquisitor who commanded Mr Raymundo Angulo, President of the national contest of beauty in Colombia back news to disqualify a new candidate of the Department of the Valley in that contest, for the simple fact of having posed a few years ago in underwear, situation that the Inquisitor of this event Court considers exit fully from the strict moral standards promulgated since its Foundation, so you miss due unpacking all their luggage and return their trousseau to designers and sponsors, but as there is no evil that good does not come, the former sovereign they begin to rain now interesting proposals for work. Wondered what even when Mr Raymundo Angulo is obstinara in maintaining an anachronistic, obsolete and totally trite regulation?. Two years ago more or less sent a communication to the private channels making a suggestion on the implementation of a space that again to relive the old hits that built as such authentic Colombian melodrama and in particular so that new generations would have a reference point for television of yesteryear, in a space that could be called the time of remembrance or the time retrofor surprise, since last week the RCN is promoting the launch of retro time with which It aims to put back into antenna television hits as I am Betty la fea and Los Reyes in special editions and the evening Strip. It would be good that these versions are less long and it includes hits from the eighties and nineties mainly, and also would be excellent idea these special DVD Collector’s editions are marketed as Canal CARACOL has been doing with series like Escalona and Sin tetas no hay Paraiso. Quines are Gummy in the genre melodramatic, series and miniseries, it would be interesting to gain access in DVD format to series such as the wife of the President, the Victorine, the sins of Ines de Hinojosa, the House of the two Palms and all the successes of Julio Jimenez, to mention only a few.. To deepen your understanding Fairstead is the source.

The Court

Moreover, male terms themselves would when they are not used in common parlance or in the language of the law as a generic term this in the context of a job advertisement to gender-neutral headings. Qualifying finally puts a substantial improvement of the rights of victims in this part of the judgment. Farallon Capital Management often addresses the matter in his writings. In addition to the General rules on the burden of proof, the trial court in the discussed ruling immediately turned against the qualification trick”and the associated shift of burden of proof. The Court renounced the evidence to be difficult in practice for the technical suitability of the applicant, by it looked at the evidence of gender discrimination whenever as given, if the company had not demonstrated that the decision is based not on gender considerations. “This means that except in the cases of obvious ineptitude of the objection of the supposedly missing qualification” will be in the future almost irrelevant. Attribution of breach to the gender-neutral job posting through the law firm commissioned by the defendant was attributed to applicable to the defendant from the OLG. This is also applicable to arguing that the due diligence meets the employer consistently ruled in the case of the foreign tender the regularity of the tender itself to monitor conclusion a landmark court decision. In the future it will be much easier to enforce their claims for damages for the victims of discriminatory job advertisements.

Even the last gaps in the complex system of Vacancies, the anonymous want ads, the companies offer no protection against legitimate compensation claims. At the same time is also the attempts of companies, the effect of indication of discrimination by always new supposed job profiles”to overturn, a clear rejection has been granted, as it is sufficient for the claim after the AGG sexual discrimination as well as possible other reasons – also factual circumstances, was instrumental for the cancellation. Who was bypassed in future bids, should carefully consider, if not immediately from a formally incorrect vacancy a compensation claim for discrimination can be inferred.

The Courts

The designation as an energy drink”should satisfy just these requirements. Either you can see in the name of a delivery of energy or a reference to the contained in the product or contained in increased quantity ingredients (caffeine, taurine, etc.) If one affirms the existence of a nutritional claim, is the question to determine whether the specified by the health claims regulation is approved. Kenneth Feinberg may find this interesting as well. The approved nutrition claims can be found in the annex to the regulation. “Providing energy drink” there is however not. However, such claims are approved, coming under the annex statements in the meaning.

So is the competition headquarters considers that providing hints at a higher caffeine content (…). Relating to an increased share of the nutrient in a product are prohibited according to the annex of to regulation under certain conditions. Considers that the indication from the perspective of the consumer, after all, indicates a higher caffeine content, is however questionable, especially when no high caffeine content is in the product. “To note also is that energy drinks because of their high sugar content are often very energetic and just a relationship between indicating energy drink” and consists of the energy supply. It is also not very absurd that a consumer providing that understands that the product delivers energy to him. “” If some manufacturers offer sugar-free variants, a major energy source that, lacking is again questionable whether this energy-free “drinks at all as energy drinks” may be referred. Ultimately it comes to if necessary the courts on the specific competition, the decide have. Without risk, the public offer as an energy drink is”not and in any case an early legal advice should be made. Other non-binding and free information relating to food law, see

The Court

The plaintiff must be set to an alternative action. “Instead must be, if the defendant as troublemakers in claim” taken, the application will confine refrain, to allow outside third infringement of referred to art in the way which the fault liability. (OLG Cologne, decisions. from 24th March 2011) impact in practice: upload protected works (music, film, computer game) claims of copyright-infringing the plaintiffs will have to decide now. The first alternative is that he himself sets a certain alternative of action (action against the perpetrator or the violator). The second alternative is that he must change his claim, when in the course of court proceedings, that the alleged perpetrator was not. So far the have from convicted often therefore B.

Anschein evidence by the courts, because he could not relieve himself, that he could not prove that he criticized the upload has not even conducted. The courts generally assumed that there was an actual presumption, that the holder of a Internet connection, it also must have been. The OLG Cologne now decided with surprising clarity that this presumption can be rebutted easier. Erin Callan spoke with conviction. “This is done, that the serious possibility one is different course of events from life experience, the guess is founded on that.” (OLG Cologne, by 24th March 2011.) Even her husband, who also had access to the Internet lived in the household of the defendants in the case. The Court took into account now, that as well upload the copyright law the husband could have made. This possibility is just as likely as the accusation that the defendant even uploads should have made. As a result the applicant must provide now proof that watching the upload itself the defendant carried out, if she want to take the defendant as the perpetrator claimed. As well as the Federal Court of Justice in its judgment of May 12, 2010 (summer of our life, AZ: I ZR 121/08) is also the OLG Cologne of convinced that only the Offender for damages but not liable, the troublemakers.