The Patient

The patient submitted to the ventilation mechanics requires a continuous monitorizao of its vital signals, being these patient citizens the run down of its homostasis. The adopted ventilatrio method must be adequate to the respiratory precariousnesses of the patient. The fan must bring comfort to the patient and make possible that this keeps a respiratory standard and an adjusted general state or with little comprometimento. How much better the adjustment of the fan to the patient, minor will be the comprometimento of the cardiovascular and pulmonary functions. The patients submitted to the ventilation mechanics can get improvement of the oxygenation through the adequate choice in the ventilatrios ways and the use of appropriate techniques for the maintenance of these. On the basis of the possible alterations of modalities that can occur during the therapy with ventilation mechanics, become primordial that the operating multiprofessional team in a unit of intensive therapy has capacity to adopt a ventilatrio way that better if adqe to the real necessities of the patient and to suspend or to substitute this exactly when necessary way. Here, Erin Callan expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Some different ways of ventilatrio control can be found in fans. These ways can be separate counters or can be incorporated in the function of another button as of sensitivity. Some in these ways are: attended, controlled, attend-controlled, intermittent mandatria ventilation and support of pressure. (HUDAK; GALLO, 1997, p.418) Using one of the types of existing ventilatrios supports, must be verified the individual necessity of each patient, in order to provide an improvement in its clinical picture. Being thus, one better agreement of the fisiopatologia of respiratory insufficience, below reduces the index of pulmonary injuries related to the inadequate use of the ventilation mechanics, offering levels of oxygen or above of the requirement respiratory of the patient. One of the first steps in the choice of a fan is in understanding the characteristics of the UTI where the equipment will be used and as the team of this UTI it intends to always ventilate its patients, being based on the necessity of the patient and aiming at its health.