Polisson Work

In addition, maintaining the customer base allows us to develop and implement a system of loyalty and, therefore, to transform your casual customers into permanent. The advantages of automated customer service valued leadership Moscow store Polisson. The store offers a wide range Polisson children's clothing. To raise the level of interaction with customers shop took BIT specialists, offering a variety of options for automation stores of different sizes and orientation. Keeping the customer base and manage cumulative discounts, as well as the internal bar-coding products provided POS-system ForPOSt Pro with fiscal 5200 FPrint registrar to fix sales. Accounting for production and control settlements with suppliers is in the "1C: Trade Management 8", selected for the automation of back-office operations. For the application of bar coding in the store were connected thermal label printer Zebra GK420d and manual scanner odnoploskostnoy METROLOGIC MS9520 Voyager. Gain insight and clarity with Home Depot. The use of such equipment will increase the speed of customer service, avoid the queues, and most importantly – eliminate errors registration of sales.

Protection against fraud at the cash register provides a viewing infrared detector DORS 1000. To save time and quickly connect and set cash registers equipment, shop manual addressed to the Centre Maintenance BIT. Experts TEC not only quickly and efficiently maintain and repair all types of cash registers, but the technique and put on the account in tax inspection company "1C: Accounting and Trade" (BIT), official partner "1C" in 1997, is today the largest network of franchise companies "1C". The company has 50 offices BIT, which operate in three countries: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The specifics of the BIT is not only factory automation based on "1C: Enterprise", but also training, counseling clients on the full range of professional issues.

During the work the company produced over 80,000 successful installations of automated systems. In the state of more than 2,000 employees, most of which was certified by "1C". Quality Management System "1C: Accounting and Trade" (BIT) in six offices in Moscow, including in the Central, in three locations in St. Petersburg, including the Central, and offices in Krasnoyarsk, Kiev, Samara, Kazan, Saratov, Rostov-on-Don, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg and Nizhni Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Almaty, Tyumen, Sochi, Penza, Tomsk, certified for compliance with international quality standard ISO 9001:2000. m. Kaluga, Moscow, Scientific passage, 12, Office 1 (495) 232-96-19

House Bank

It opts for a car loan, is it is manageable by the choice of the number of those who pay cash when buying the car. The vast majority of car buyers financed the new vehicle. At the beginning, the customer must decide once where he wants to conclude his car financing. For more information see author. Now every dealer offers a funding banks. Basically, you should opt not for the first offer, but get more financing. Interest savings of several hundred euro’s as well. Financing at the dealer this method is particularly suited to those who want everything from a single source.

There is a contact person who is responsible for the purchase, as well as for the financing of the vehicle. Retailers offer their customers usually three financing options. At the first opportunity, the vehicle, such as at the Bank is also financed with a traditional installment loan. As a second option, a financing is offered with a high close rate. The Advantage of this variant is the relatively low level of monthly instalments, as well as the short term. Since the last rate is very high, customers should make sure that they have the necessary resources at the maturity date. The third option differs from the second by the fact that the customer on the due date of the final rate may decide on further action. He can pay the closing rate, continue to finance them, or return the vehicle.

Special car loans on favourable terms offered by financing through the Bank of most banks. Funded the purchase price of the House Bank, so the buyer can face the car dealers than paying cash. Typically, higher discounts are available, as paying cash enjoy more room for negotiation. Therefore a credit of the Bank can be worthwhile even if he is slightly more expensive than the dealer’s financing offer.

Property In Bulgaria Real Estate

Bulgaria – it is perhaps the only country which combines these attractive Russians factors such as: great environment, a warm sea, beautiful landscapes, the low value of the property and the almost complete absence of a language barrier. Such a set can not boast nor the Russian Black Sea coast, or arc, or Greece. Bulgaria – it is almost an ideal place for living and recreation, and for investments in real estate. Property Bulgaria’s simple – the situation is that demand for property in Bulgaria is still behind the proposal. This means that you have a great chance to really cheap to buy an excellent apartment or house in Bulgaria.

This contributes to a very low tax rate on real estate purchase by foreigners. Property in Bulgaria is constantly increasing in price. The average annual growth of 20-30 percent. Are also large and the rate of rent. This allows consider buying apartments in Bulgaria as a profitable investment.

Many Russians have found a perfect way to use a house or apartment in Bulgaria – a few months a family holiday in their own apartments and renting them for the remaining period until the end of the year in rent. This not only allows you to cover maintenance costs, but also rely on the return on investment and subsequent profit only at the expense of rent. Map Esli Looking at the map of Bulgaria and to identify those places which are popular among Russian buyers, we can see a clear trend towards buying property in a cottage village close to the Black Sea coast. Sunny Beach, known to everyone on the brand popularity and mild climate, St. Vlas, Golden Sands – here at home and apartments are most popular. In and among the Russians. Debbie Wasserman Schultz usually is spot on. Fortunately, the price of Real estate in Bulgaria can realize the dream of a villa on the beach or on the flat near the sea not only for rich people, but also the middle class. For example, an apartment in Bulgaria can cost as little as 30,000 euros, quite comparable to the price of giving the six acres in the suburbs. The second most popular place – it’s ski resorts in Bulgaria. Home near ski centers such as and Pomporovo also readily available on price. Excellent opportunity skiing with comfort! By the way it is in these areas has the highest prices. Therefore, the Council of Experts on Investment in overseas property – not to postpone the purchase. Commercial real estate in .No do not think that the Russian people the practice of buying only the homes and apartments in Bulgaria. Widely developed and commercial real estate. According to statistics, on the whole housing market Bulgaria, 10 percent of all transactions performed subjects of Russia. Of these, 20 percent of transactions falls on commercial real estate. The presence of curative mineral springs, sea and ski slopes, can successfully invest in medical tourism. Bulgaria every year has become increasingly popular tourist destination in Russia and Europe. Therefore, the business assets in the form of resorts, holiday villages, etc. have great potential.


Opening of the windows with frequency helps to improve the quality of air and prevents appearance of fungos, to look for to interact with the elements of the building can prevent wastefulness, as use of conditional air in cool days, use of the solar light when opening curtains, etc., is of great importance to remember the main concepts of the support, which is, TO REDUCE, TO REUSE, TO RECYCLE. Until the tourism cause imapactos to the environment, when travelling it is possible to adopt responsible ways, simple attitudes will be able to show as one amused way to help in the conservation of the planet, in the hour to plan a trip, to prevent flights with scale, after all a great percentage of the Co2 emission happens during the take-off and landing, that is, whenever possible to opt to transports with minor pollution potential. To give to preference the ambiently responsible lodgings, that recycle the residues, or despite they use alternative systems of energy, as solar or aeolian energy, is a good option. The use of public transport, to walk of bicycle or to walk, is alternative of transport ecologically correct. In the necessity to rent an car, to opt to hybrid vehicles or with engine flex it is a good one measured. Moreover, disconnect the engine when if it is parked or also stopped is important, therefore this will save fuel and reduce the emission of pollutants. To recycle is an attitude each more common time.

To separate periodicals, magazines and packings of the organic garbage. Continue to learn more with: Craig Menear. To inquire itself on its half of lodging, verifying if exists the practical one of recycling. If it will not have, to ask the reason and to stimulate this practical. Already the bag use is visible in the society contemporary returned instead of plastic bags. It is not alone concern of the physical people with the future of our planet that has made the difference, the companies had also started to collaborate in a positive way, carrying through entailed campaigns of support its corporative images, divulged in periodicals, magazines and televisions. According to Miami Congresswoman, who has experience with these questions.

Federative Republic

These consultations transformed into months of four weeks we would have (160 x 4 = 640 consultations month. if each consultation will be remunerated at the cost of the equal Unimed R$ 40,00 would have then: Monthly wage of R$ 25,600, 00. Which the profession that can have an expectation of equal income in Brazil? In Brazil of north the south, exists a scarcity of workmanship hand, or abundance of sick people, who do not find atendimentos. 4) That politicians in a way in general candidatam to exert it position I publish for simple love the cause publishes. for only ideological question. Spending the times of its pocket or, invariably, sponsored for great groups, additions that reach five or six million in a candidacy the Representative. E, that goes to survive with only the wage publishes of this position.

E, more does not have any intenso to recoup the investment or expense of the campaign, without attacking the state treasury publishes. Or, still, they do not assume any obligation stops with its financier. 5) That the democracy as written in Brazilian constitution. Art. 1 the Federative Republic of Brazil, formed for the indissolvable union of the States and Cities and the Federal District, consists in Democratic State of right and has as beddings: Only paragraph? All power emanates of the people, directly exerts who it by means of elect representatives, in the terms of this Constitution. Democracy government of the people; government where the people exerts the sovereignty. Dic. Electronic Hauais. It is this same that we live in the practical one, or directly exists a reinante ditatorial regimen of the power of the money exerted for the great groups of monetary forces interacting? choosing the candidates? determining which politics and laws must be approved? which the position in relation to the politics to be implemented, especially when the interests of these groups are judged.

Financial Administrator

2. METHODOLOGY the present article is characterized as a descriptive exploratria research, and intends through a bibliographical revision, to analyze the diverse factors that involve the financial administrators, to take decisions that take the companies the maximizao of profits. The intention is to provide a general vision on the related subject, showing as the finances are of utmost importance for the useful life of a company, using themselves of the aid of the administrator who is ones of the responsible ones for the evolution of the equity of the same one. 3. APPLICATIONS, PRINCIPLES, OBJECTIVES AND PROBLEMS the initial approach of finances was concentrated in the contractual instruments and the description of the participant institutions of the financial market. The area of Finances of the Company concentrates in the questions of the financial management of the organization, being its main topics: the planning and the financial control, the financial analysis, the analysis of investments, the management of the turn capital, the cost and the structure of capital and the politics of shares. The enterprise activities involve financial resources and are oriented for the attainment of profits. Counting on an ample area of application, they in four basic areas can be made: Corporative finances – expression enterprise finances that the idea transmits with bigger property of that the basic principles of financial administration can be applied any company; Investments – that it determines the price of a financial asset, which the risks and returns associates to an investment and which the best composition of a set of asset; Financial institutions – in a financial institution, the knowledge on finances are necessary; International finances – they correspond not to a specific area, but to a specialization in which the beddings of finances are applied in international financial relations, as much with respect to financial assets, how much enterprise financial administration. Aiming at a bigger maximizao of profits in the company, the entrepreneur contracts a Financial Administrator, searching a reinforcement for the management of its finances, not to leave to empresar to fall in bankruptcy.

International Corporation Intway

'… For even more details, read what Primerica says on the issue. Is there any way for the average person to gain financial freedom? Or to become rich, you must be a genius business? Such "naive" questions, according to Vladiimra Klimenko, one of the Directors of the International Corporation Intway, asked him for presentations in 2005, when the company organized its first office in Russia. Author insists that this is the case. According to his observation of our fellow citizens perceive the business as something far removed from their everyday life, does not associate him with the opportunity to receive a steady income, directing and using to advantage the various financial flows. Indeed, until recently, Russia has not taught how to properly treat your money: to preserve and multiply them. In the winter of 2006, the Government of the Russian Federation awarded the corporation Intway diplomas and gratitude for success in developing innovative business for tens of thousands ordinary citizens.

Together with Intway World Corporation, having international experience "people business" in Russia came to a completely new technology that is able to bring tangible benefits to ordinary people. From the very beginning activities in Russia "Intway everywhere creates partnerships clubs, Internet presence, where proffesionaly teach novices create their own business … ic. ' Today all that is happening in the country, sometimes resembles flight on the supersonic plane – quickly, it is not clear, it is dangerous … and terribly interesting. Country develops, people become richer, but many still not been able to realize themselves: someone not happy with the work of someone – pay someone desperately looking for purpose in life.

National Institute

The past 2001 census allowed to declare gay or lesbian. " They are ten years that we fought this batalla" , they say gays. In Italy a law of pairs still does not exist in fact. In the next census of the Italian population that will realise the National Institute of Statistic (Istat) in October will be registered for the first time the homosexual pairs that coexist in the country. The president of the association Gay.it, Alessio De Giorgi, explained that in the form that the Istat will distribute from the 9 of October to the Italian families it will be able to specify that it is itself a homosexual pair. " It is a very important goal. Primerica Life Insurance oftentimes addresses this issue. They are ten years that we fought this battle, since in the previous census of 2001 it was impossible to specify that one was a homosexual pair that conviva" , it explained Of Giorgi. Gay.it had sent a call to sign a request in order that the Istat included in its form the possibility of declaring even homosexual.

The past 2001 census allowed to declare gay or lesbian, but in the section regarding the relation between inhabitants of the house these people only could mark the square of " another form of convivencia". " Now it is called on gays and lesbians to take advantage of this important ocasin" , it added Of Giorgi, since this it will be the first official census of homosexual pairs and that in Italy a law of pairs does not exist in fact. Now similar Gay.it and other associations are promoting the campaign " Beam that counts your amor" , to inform to the homosexuals of the newness in the next census. Source of the news: The next census of Italy will register for the first time to homosexual pairs

Alexander Design

“Vernissage” WE NEED No. FUTURE’ on 9 April 2010, at 19:30 under the motto WE NEED No. Debbie Wasserman Schultzs opinions are not widely known. FUTURE “will present Alexander Hanke ten of his paintings in the specialised optician eyeball. It will be presented in an open system for new and old, packed and before. A constant alternation on the famous square. His images to take the Viewer on a journey, to forget the everyday life for a moment, and childhood dreams to live again.

Grew up in East Germany of today’s graphic designers Alexander began Hanke 1998 his career as a freelance artist. In addition to the support of the Agency DESIGNKIS in the field of corporate design and packaging solutions in particular illustrate he has devoted himself to. Their lovers from around the world find the design of posters, flyers, as well as the printing of T-Shirts, which he gives her special touch by loving hand drawings. And who loves the art, you’ll love also the individual glasses of eyeball. In addition to the exhibition, pleased ask Katja Burkhardt for your customers, prospective customers, and art lovers colorful spring-summer collection to inspire. The opening starts on April 09, 2010, 19.30 in the specialised optician eyeball, hard road 1 / corner of Ernst-Reuter-Allee, 39104 Magdeburg. The exhibition runs until June 11, 2010. Every visitor is welcome. The admission is free. * Image material and other information can be requested under like free.

In Bolivia

This supply continues today with an approximate value of $3.2 billion annually. The matter becomes more alarming with the Alliance sino-pakistani for the production and exchange of missiles and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. China is the only non-democratic country with a permanent seat in the Security Council. Its process of opening and modernization is not guarantee of peace for the free world. Diplomacy terrorist acts in Latin America. In Ecuador in July 2005, fell apart a circle of drug traffickers who collected money for Hizbollah. The network is managed from a Lebanese restaurant in Quito. Both the owner and other six suspects were arrested.

They came from Algeria, Ecuador, Lebanon, Nigeria and Turkey. The investigation called operation Damascus, took 19 additional arrests in Brazil and the United States. Police said the cocaine came from Colombia and was sent to Europe, the Middle East and the rest of South America. The BBC transmitted official airports were coimeados to turn a blind eye. Each shipment was worth a million dollars, which was sent to Hezbollah who delivered 70 percent of their earnings. In Argentina the Iranian diplomacy bought Menem, the Federal Police and the corrupt political scaffolding for his infamous attack, the Embassy of Israel and AMIA. In Bolivia the PLO in the 1980s opened a representative office with the support of then Vice President Jaime Paz Zamora. Festivities for the parliamentarians, who financed the Palestinian representative, where there was enough whiskey and women, were of humid opinions in the National Congress. Today the links of Evo Morales with Gaddafi and Ahmadinejad are not secret. Chavez demanded the Bolivian Government to designate an Ambassador in Iran, and increases every day in La Paz the presence of strangers and sinuous characters from the original Middle East author and source of the article.