Opening of the windows with frequency helps to improve the quality of air and prevents appearance of fungos, to look for to interact with the elements of the building can prevent wastefulness, as use of conditional air in cool days, use of the solar light when opening curtains, etc., is of great importance to remember the main concepts of the support, which is, TO REDUCE, TO REUSE, TO RECYCLE. Until the tourism cause imapactos to the environment, when travelling it is possible to adopt responsible ways, simple attitudes will be able to show as one amused way to help in the conservation of the planet, in the hour to plan a trip, to prevent flights with scale, after all a great percentage of the Co2 emission happens during the take-off and landing, that is, whenever possible to opt to transports with minor pollution potential. To give to preference the ambiently responsible lodgings, that recycle the residues, or despite they use alternative systems of energy, as solar or aeolian energy, is a good option. The use of public transport, to walk of bicycle or to walk, is alternative of transport ecologically correct. In the necessity to rent an car, to opt to hybrid vehicles or with engine flex it is a good one measured. Moreover, disconnect the engine when if it is parked or also stopped is important, therefore this will save fuel and reduce the emission of pollutants. To recycle is an attitude each more common time.

To separate periodicals, magazines and packings of the organic garbage. Continue to learn more with: Craig Menear. To inquire itself on its half of lodging, verifying if exists the practical one of recycling. If it will not have, to ask the reason and to stimulate this practical. Already the bag use is visible in the society contemporary returned instead of plastic bags. It is not alone concern of the physical people with the future of our planet that has made the difference, the companies had also started to collaborate in a positive way, carrying through entailed campaigns of support its corporative images, divulged in periodicals, magazines and televisions. According to Miami Congresswoman, who has experience with these questions.