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Many companies use the esportivo marketing to annex attributes to its marks. Amongst them, she can yourself be cited success, performance and passion. Esportivo product, according to Shank (2004), consists of conceived good, service or its combinations to supply to benefits all the involved ones with the sport: spectators, practitioners, sponsors, collaborators, etc. Shank defines sponsorship as the esportivos investment in entities (teams) esportivas, athletes, associations, federacies, confederations, leagues, teams or events that configure action of marketing and communication of the company sponsor. For the esportivas organizations, the sponsorship constitutes in one of main sources of income.

To the step that, for the investors by means of the sponsorship, can be an improvement of the image, identification of the consumer with the mark and economy with spontaneous media. The expression can be used esportivo marketing, as Grandson (2000), to describe the activities of the esportivo marketing and for the marketing through the sport. That is, as much the controllers of clubs and associations, how much the companies who use the sport to communicate with its consumers. Already Afif (2000) defines the esportivo marketing as one of the strategies used for the sport to reach its goals. It cites despite, to sobressair itself to the traditional advertising, much creativity on the part of the marketing professionals is necessary, with innovation, that obtains to influence the consumers. For the author, the sport is an investment that to assist the companies, because the esportivo event can reach the expectador, therefore it meets made use to the message of the company and its products more. Description of the Esportivo Marketing The great one landmark of world-wide the esportivo marketing of the present time was in 1984, in the olimpadas ones of Los Angeles (U.S.A.). Although all the problems faced in function of the boycotting made by countries of the Soviet Union, Eastern Germany, Cuba and others 14 countries, its organizadores had carried through a ceremony of imponent opening and had prepared of spotless form to receive athlete, commissions techniques, journalists and spectators.

Financial Administrator

2. METHODOLOGY the present article is characterized as a descriptive exploratria research, and intends through a bibliographical revision, to analyze the diverse factors that involve the financial administrators, to take decisions that take the companies the maximizao of profits. The intention is to provide a general vision on the related subject, showing as the finances are of utmost importance for the useful life of a company, using themselves of the aid of the administrator who is ones of the responsible ones for the evolution of the equity of the same one. 3. APPLICATIONS, PRINCIPLES, OBJECTIVES AND PROBLEMS the initial approach of finances was concentrated in the contractual instruments and the description of the participant institutions of the financial market. The area of Finances of the Company concentrates in the questions of the financial management of the organization, being its main topics: the planning and the financial control, the financial analysis, the analysis of investments, the management of the turn capital, the cost and the structure of capital and the politics of shares. The enterprise activities involve financial resources and are oriented for the attainment of profits. Counting on an ample area of application, they in four basic areas can be made: Corporative finances – expression enterprise finances that the idea transmits with bigger property of that the basic principles of financial administration can be applied any company; Investments – that it determines the price of a financial asset, which the risks and returns associates to an investment and which the best composition of a set of asset; Financial institutions – in a financial institution, the knowledge on finances are necessary; International finances – they correspond not to a specific area, but to a specialization in which the beddings of finances are applied in international financial relations, as much with respect to financial assets, how much enterprise financial administration. Aiming at a bigger maximizao of profits in the company, the entrepreneur contracts a Financial Administrator, searching a reinforcement for the management of its finances, not to leave to empresar to fall in bankruptcy.

Video Marketing

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Brazil Development

These capitals are essential for the social transformation. It is by means of them that the sustainable regional development is constructed. It was chosen to approach this subject from the constatao of that the individualism must yield space to the exercise of the collective, thus, only by means of the cooperation, of the social organization, the formation of the people and the respect to the local culture the development is reached, proposals these inserted ones in the methodology of the DRS created for the Bank of Brazil. The CAEC, place where if it developed the research, in the period of February the March of 2008, is a cooperative that if perceives this formation of human capital, social and cultural, as well as the decisive influence of these capitals in the formation of the sustainable local development, through the joint of diverse organizations in favor of the improvement of the quality of life of the involved people and the development of the elect productive activity. Kenneth Feinberg may also support this cause. One gives credit that approaching the Human, Social and Cultural subject Capital with sights to the development, one is about entailed excellent aspects to the axle-thematic one chosen, defined as ' ' Dimensions of the Sustentabilidade' ' , considering that these factors are important so that occurs the development of sustainable form. Valley to stand out that the searched subjects intensely are integrated to the methodology of Sustainable Regional Development of the Bank of Brazil, methodology this adopted by the CAEC, and that is based socially in practical the jousts, correct and ambiently economically viable, with respect to the local culture. The research disclosed to the processes of construction of the capitals human, social and cultural in the units of the CAEC, allowing us it identification of the strong points and weak points of the entity in regards to these three dimensions of the development, contributing to base corrective actions. .