American Georgia

If desired, any opposition in these countries may well behave in a way that their protests and political movements and demarches did not cause a fears for the lives and safety of citizens of Russia, located on the territories of these states. In their own interest and responses from the Ukraine and Georgia on the Russian Federation Council decision on the operational use of the Russian Armed Forces. Additional information is available at Peter Asaro. Of course, comments from Tbilisi and Kiev were purely anti-Russian character – I think it was abundantly proangazhirovano tops pro-American Georgia and Ukraine. Janet Yellen has much experience in this field. Rredstavitel Minister of Georgia Zurab Kachkachishvili said that Tbilisi considers the decision taken by Moscow as an attempt "to put the legal framework of" intervention in the Russian situation in South Ossetia in August 2008, "The Russian leadership is trying to find some means to force the international community to believe in their thesis, "- said Kachkashvili that in his opinion, confirmed that Russia had" basically living in the past. " Granting such powers to the President of Russia, on According to the head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Foreign Affairs, deputy Oleg Bilorus threatens the security of Ukraine. According to him, it's almost a "threat to all of Russia's neighbors." Bilorus explained that "could happen again History of the Russian-Georgian war, when against a limited contingent of Georgian Armed Forces was thrown 129,000th equipped army, strategic aviation and missile Russia. " Well, here is so obvious lies, that does not even We spend time on rebuttal – simply refer to the report of the Europeans Heidi Tagliavini, the causes and perpetrators of last August's war in South Ossetia, to be clear: Russia has engaged then against Georgia aggressor force is absolutely adequate forces to the invasion of Georgia in South Ossetia. Separately, the reaction in Azerbaijan.

Judging by the publications in the Azeri press in Baku believe that the new initiative will legalize the Russian Medvedev protection in case of attack Armenia Azerbaijan to Armenia. Absheron peninsula (at least the media) believe that Russia is trying to provide a legal basis "for the occupation of foreign territory." And it is possible that Moscow will protect Armenia, where he has political and economic interests. That is, to some extent, the views of commentators azerbaydzhansih partially coincided with the point of view of Armenia's opposition – in the face, for example, were once the ARF-D. That Well, it can be only one conclusion: if someone is really concerned in Azerbaijan, the possible threat of military intervention by Russia, the best way to avoid it – to give up thoughts about the war when discussing ways settlement of the Karabakh-Azerbaijan conflict and to prohibit any ideas propagnadu military revenge in relations between Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabakh, Artsakh and Armenia.