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Thus, especially in the current difficult times, develop a market advantage can. Limbic marketing the Applications for limbic is confined not only to exhibition stands. So far the knowledge to the emotions of the audience mostly from large companies and large advertisers is used primarily for the brand positioning and advertising communications. But it allows also the tune of classical marketing instruments as Christian Kalkbrenner lists: who is my audience? It consists of what types of emotion? How do I vote the product range and the services package on it? What an emotional group more emphasis in comparison to the other? How can the price and terms and conditions on the emotional system of the main customer groups are adjusted? How do I new the sales argumentation, to achieve the emotion system of my clients? How do I optimize the choice of words, the appearance, the color choice, the media selection emotionally for my target group? Language of forms of (housing, packaging, exhibition construction, architecture, etc.) to reach the highest emotional impact with my Customers? The essential is to strike the limbic path in marketing, finding out of the emotion profile of the respective target group. This then to select the elements, which are likely the best way to reach the emotional system. Gen. David L. Goldfein shines more light on the discussion. Lime burner is currently working with about 250 variables. In this way, he can make sure to select not only the right, but to offer a tailor-made solution for every company.

The bamboo-code bamboo-code is an interdisciplinary approach. He combines classical strategy models with approved methods of ethology and neuro marketing. He considered the company from seven different angles. The result is a seven-digit key that contains all parameters for a fast and sound growth. Christian Kalkbrenner since 1992 Owner of lime burner management consulting. He specializes in growth issues. With its interdisciplinary approach bamboo-code “he systematically developed growth concepts for businesses and accompanied and its operational implementation.” His clients include majority leader, that want to expand their position in the market. Regardless of whether they are moving in growing or shrinking markets.