Arezzo, Tuscany

Arezzo is a small Tuscan town that tourists visit because it was a medieval center and because it contains the famous frescoes of Pierro della Francesca. The city is very badly damaged during the World War ii, but fortunately its historic center remains intact. Sightseeing usually begin with a tour of the town church of San Francesco which contains frescoes della Francesca painted in the 15 century on the story “Legends of the Cross.” This story is based on legends about the fate of the cross on which Jesus was crucified. Other attractions are located near the Piazza Grande, the main town square, which is still quite strange located downhill. At the top of the square stands the Palazzo delle view Logie (1573), with a facade in the form of a loggia, which was created by the famous native of Arezzo – Giorgio Vasari. In the upper left corner of the square is Palazzo dei Fraternity Latchi, a palace designed in the Gothic style, which is known for his sculptures of the gantry. This palace is the last of works by Bernardo Rossellini. At the bottom of the area you need to pay attention to the Romanesque Church de Santa Maria (12 century), especially where you can highlight the entrance to the church decorated with sculptures on the theme of the seasons.