Attorney General

This joint litigation occurs when there is need for a uniform decision for all co-parties, or when the application must be submitted by a number or against many. 35 It is characteristic of necessary joint litigation, the procedural status of establishing solidarity among co-parties. 36 As to the terms, if any of the co-parties plays a procedural or advantage, is considered such a situation the benefit of others. The deadline to appeal the decision is individual. Resources favor, but all co-parties, except as follows: those who have brought not only participate part in the High Court. “The sentence that ends the process, benefit or harm to all co-parties and that is spoiled, but when you can make use of resources impugnatorios against them. The appropriate procedure to be instigated, however each of the disputants separately, so which by themselves can initiate the process, with the sole obligation to notify others.

The notifications are also individual for co-parties. The necessary joint litigation, its components are considered as “part” without autonomy, mutual representation , and subjected to the same consequences process “37 In this type of joint litigation, by a substantial connection fits all co-parties in the process, that the Attorney General is required by law material so that the claim can not be validly proposed, but by law material, so that the claim can not be proposed, but by several individuals or against them. 38 For the Plaza: “that the Attorney General is produced whenever required by the nature of the legal relationship material in the process act, litigants together, which all affect the resolution, that it can be.