We started a series of articles related to routes on bike with this text. Because the bike is more than just a means of locomotion, because we travel with our vehicle not only, also share and enjoy, and most often do it in the company, therefore, is very important when choosing our route to account for those who are going to be our companions. Tell me with whom sales at moto is not intended as a guide of routes, nor nor sitting Chair on forms of travel, that each one may choose freely, just wants to be a help when planning a good day bikers, based on the experiences, and the many company mileage. If you have purchased a bike, congratulations, now already forms part of the biker group, a broad and large group of people who share the love for the two wheels. Solidarity with other bikers should be the first rule you have to learn. Now you’re not an individual in the middle of nowhere, you’re now biker, and that my friend makes you belong to a subset of society.

Many do not what they will understand, but that don’t worry, by the mere fact of circular bike already have plenty of peers willing to share with you hours of travel, miles of satisfaction, also less pleasant moments, and above all to help you if you find yourself lying on these roads in the world. Remember, now you’re one of them, so if you see a bike pinched on the hard shoulder, for and Rioja, he would also do it for you. He began waving. Do you remember the first rule? The rest of bikers are your friends, and you must therefore greet them when you come across with them, there are two ways that all those who walk in the bike identify as a symbol of friendship, companionship on the road, the first of these are the uves calls, and is nothing more than greet by placing your fingers index and void in position for victoryIf you use this method you will be rewarded in the same way. Another form of greeting that is falling into disuse are gusts, and is as simple as giving a rafagazo of lights when you cross with another bike. Never make friends was so easy, nobody knows that it is what makes us equal, but it is true that people from various different underworlds may share a same passion. Perhaps your travel companion is perhaps Carpenter, or lawyer, or bricklayer, doctor, tengoa 20, or 30 or 40 or 50 or even more years.

To them no matter them what you do, who you are, or the age that you have, and you should not worry that dedicate their time to. They are only now bikers, colleagues who have the same passion as you, and who want to share it with you. Enjoy the moment, Oh and of course the company.