Song of Christmas of Brazil well-liked intitled music NATIVE SONG DE OF BRAZIL, also known as END OF YEAR, entoada always for occasion of the Natalinas Parties, despertou me the desire recently to make the present analysis, to the light of the Sacred Holy Writs, obviously. make I it objectifying to find in it values spirituals, in view of the same one I try to involve it natalino and to enjoy of full popular acceptance. The Cariocas are its composers Francisco de Morais Alves (1898-1952), Felisberto Martins (1904-1980), and the native of So Paulo David Nasser (1917-1980); was recorded originally for the So Paulo singer Joo Days Rodrigues Son (1927-1996), in 1951 (Source: Dictionary Cravo Albin of Brazilian Popular Music – Cultural Institute Cravo Albin). It says thus music: ' ' Good bye, old year! Happy New year! /Que everything if carries through in the year that goes to be born! /Muito money in the pocket, health pra to give and to vender! /Para the bachelors, luck in the love; no lost hope; /Para the married ones, no fight, peace and calmness in vida.' ' our analysis: GOOD BYE, OLD YEAR! HAPPY NEW YEAR! – I think that the best form of firing in them to one year findo and starting another really new, is to attempt against for what in he says the Word to them of God: ' ' For what, if somebody is in Christ, new creature is; the old things already had passed; here it is that everything became novo.' ' (2Co.5: 17) The Apstolo Pablo is teaching that, if somebody is in Christ, that is, closely on It, joined with Christ in God (Jo.17: 21), new creature is; the old things, and not only the old year, already had passed, already they had gained its good bye; everything, but everything, and not only one has exactly left, if it made new.