Communicating on a Human Level

And, again, prioritize each one of those goals. Perhaps some of these objectives are proposed starting from the time of the web and other underway in phases. Definition of resources and deadlines After defining the different target audiences and objectives for each target group has to meet the web, is also part of the company awarded the project staff resources, investment and adequate time to ensure both a slim chance of success. He has spent time in the history of the site who were alive only while under construction, and spent a better life in the same time they are published. Today, a website is like any other business: every day is to raise the blinds, take calls, producing new content, look at what our customers want, meet new ways of responding to changing demands and meet your expectations. There will also be required to be allocated not only for technical maintenance, accommodation, etc.

Dynamic traffic: positioning natural search engine optimization, creation of new content, payment of sponsored links, e-mailing campaigns, banners, etc.. as well as the logistics can be derived from online sales, payments, etc. Web 2.0, with its vocation of higher levels of participation by all users, open new opportunities for visibility on the Internet, but also requires a greater effort to focus and channel those efforts in favor of the company in an environment where the voice of a user can cause a huge impact. Allocate resources means also describe ways of calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) of the resources invested. It will be time to quantify the goals, define the mechanisms used to measure achievement and award them to know their different deadlines for compliance with the resources invested. Conclusion When a company decides the time to have a new website, it is very risky to delegate the responsibility of the project in a single department.

Whatever the choice, it seems reasonable that the resulting web glow in the areas closest to the selected department and present serious shortcomings in other aspects less dominating. It is imperative, therefore, have an inter-departmental working group can provide different perspectives from different areas of the organization. Strategic goal to be achieved by the website, define the target to which we want to go and what we want to achieve each one of them new customers, customer loyalty, distributors, cross-sell, support … And all this will require staff resources to award money and time not only at the stage of creating the web, but once it is published as with any other area of business.