Configuration Details Accounting Enterprise

1C Accounting 8 is a universal program to automate accounting businesses of any size. '1 C: Accounting 8 'built on a new technology platform '1 C: Enterprise 8' – unique platform does not exist, it is ahead of trends in the development of software to automate companies in the world. '1 C: Accounting 8 'solves the full range of accounting tasks – from entering the primary documentation and automatic generation of entries for business transactions, to balance development and the automatic completion of quarterly reporting. In the '1 C: Accounting 8 'can keep track of business activities of several organizations in a knowledge base, as the overall tax regime, and for sts (including individual entrepreneurs working on USN) and utii. Separately, it should be noted the most significant differences between the standard configuration '1 C: Accounting 8 'from the standard configuration 1C 7.7: To maintain tax records (income tax) using a separate chart of accounts, similar in structure to the accounting chart of accounts – it simplifies comparison of data of tax and accounting. Implemented cost accounting of materials, goods and finished products in three ways: by average cost to fifo and lifo. By syllable can be Quantitative and accrual accounting.

Settlements with counterparties may be maintained as the contract in general and with specific settlement documents. In most documents, the user can independently change the corresponding accounts are used by default – it can be useful when the user has added a new account or subaccount. Has greater flexibility and scalability: A Guide preseed companies themselves can choose the number of licenses in the workplace for working with the program, the size of the database is practically unlimited, for large databases, we recommend the use of client-server job option. The program has a flexible mechanism for setting records. It is possible groupings, sorting and selection is not only a specific value, but also on the list of values for any props sampled values. For example, we can construct the 10 th card accounts not only for specific materials, but also for all the materials for which the rate of vat is 18% and the country of origin 'Belgium'. Journals papers there is a possibility filtering on multiple fields, the ability to sort not only by date but by number, and sorting can be either ascending or descending order.

Through the use of 1S Enterprise 8 configuration already has a mechanism for the distribution database that allows you to quickly set up data exchange between remote branch offices in the mode 'OFF-LINE' (mode of the periodic exchange of data). In conclusion, I would say that due to expansion functionality of the platform 8, configuration is much faster under the user's requirements, while allowing the new platform improved compared with the platform 7.7. The delivery program includes free subscription to drive its (Information technology support) for 6 months. Updating and maintenance of the program occurs only when you subscribe to its.