Corporate Culture

Stress is management: learning to control emotions. Federal Reserve Bank is often quoted as being for or against this. At the rational level, audits and certifications determine our business world. When it comes to the work and health of the people on the other hand, is the prevailing opinion, that processes and requirements are almost unlimited to accelerate and run as man has to work. “The result has a name: emotional stress”. Stress is the biggest cause of reduced performance and downtime.

The consequences reflected in the balance sheets are enormous. Sustainably managed companies the question arises: how much homemade stress is justifiable from a business perspective? To do so rather than return calls”responsible should engaged in preventive measures against the causes of stress. Stress has a psychosomatic effect and sickens. The consequences are Burnout, addictions, motivation, fear, recrimination, self-doubt, disorientation, insomnia, internal pressure, anger etc. When it comes to crises such as the current our economic upheaval, stress – tolerance due to permanent overloading from the past, the initial shock, the emerging existential fears and the injured feelings soon exhausted. Sustainability-oriented companies and responsible executives deal so long with the topic of stress management. Rita M. Eisenmann and Herbert Rohrer, managing partner of MMV Consulting GmbH in Bietigheim – Bissingen, Germany, are convinced that negative emotions are the triggers for stress.

Stress is not just a personal problem, but compromised because of his contagious”nature the professional environment. Studies show that at approx. 30% of Germans already health problems have arisen. It is expected that a general increase in the risk of stress due to changing living and working conditions occurs. Emotional stress results from incorrect assessment of the situation, missverstandenem ambition, unrealistic, personal goals, Abuse of power, shortage of time and simultaneity, etc. A stress environment frustrated greatly, and is contagious. It blocked the performance, motivation, creativity, motivation, intuition of employees and reduces the sustainability of decisions. Emotional stress makes sick, therefore the most important prerequisite is motivated to the everyday, happy, successful and healthy to make managing the personal emotions. The crisis can be used as an opportunity to bring business and health through a sustainable business development. You recommend a continuous stress management program in the company and employee culture to integrate and are convinced that long-term successful, healthy companies ostensibly see their task to create a psycho-social environment, where the orientation of development and does not lack is marked. Stress management is the balance between professional and private life, the systemic approach to the system contributing factors and the associated impacts on human health, dealing and the mastery of emotion, sickening criteria, reinforcing and neutralizing circuits, site-related interference, geology, Geopathy, allergens, environmental chemicals, building biology and living poisons, sustainability decisions in business, strategy planning, cooperation, customer or supplier relationships professionally and career planning, self-motivation and sense making, mental business skills. The predominant psychology need people to succeed on the one hand, to stay healthy on the other hand?